About Us

Digital Document Management Leaders

Leaders in document management since 1958.

American Micro has been un-boxing businesses since 1958, with innovative technology and a commitment to service. Technology changes daily, yet we remain on the cutting edge of business automation and document management systems. We’ve come a long way since 1958 in our depth, knowledge and experience.


American Micro - Leaders in document life cycle and digital imaging


Today, American Micro leads the way in technology applications that help create a paperless environment.

At American Micro our sole purpose is to help companies automate a business process.  There are many departments within a company that use our expertise to accomplish this. For example, we have found that Accounts Payable and Human Resources are still paper intensive.  We provide services such as Document Imaging, Image Hosting, E-Forms, Full – Text OCR and Conversion Services, to name a few, which aid in the workflow process and document life cycle.


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