Invoice Processing & Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Invoice Scanning and AutomationIs invoice processing an entirely manual process in your accounts payable department? Does A/P struggle to stay on top of bills and payments? Computers and accounts payable software have provided some relief for A/P departments, but they have not reduced the amount of paper—paid invoices, receipts from expenditures and correspondence—to be filed and managed every day. Just dealing with this paper pile can require multiple full-time employees (FTEs). American Micro offers a better way with our Purchase-to-Payment solutions.


With our Purchase-to-Payment solution, all purchase orders, invoices, shipping and receiving information, cancelled checks, and correspondence are scanned (internally or externally) and enter an automated workflow. Unless scanning this documentation themselves, A/P clerks are automatically notified by email that invoices are ready to process, at which time they match them with POs in the accounting system or enterprise resource planning (ERP) application and then apply the correct general ledger (GL) coding. A supervisor is notified when invoices are ready for approval. If there any issues, the AP clerk is automatically notified in order to address them until the supervisor approves the invoice(s) for payment as part of the next check run. All electronic documents are then integrated into a single electronic file for each customer or transaction in a document management system.

Thus, the key components of our Purchase-to-Payment includes invoice scanning, document management and workflow automation, which can cut invoice processing time (and cost) by up to 95%. Don’t believe it? Be sure to view our collection of accounts payable automation case studies and white papers.

Scanning and workflow for accounts payable Scanning and workflow for accounts payable Workflow Automation for Invoice Processing from American Micro
Invoice Scanning Document Management Workflow Automation

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