JPEG Photo Mapping

Geo-tagging Solution for Geo-Imaging Cameras and Smart Phones

Looking to streamline the process of managing images from GPS-ready cameras and smart phones? Look no further. The powerful integration between PSIGEN’s production capture product and the tagged JPG photos makes managing geo-coded images quick and effortless. PSI:Capture provides the ability to import geo-tagged images from a network folder, or automatically from monitored hot folders or SharePoint libraries. Proprietary and standard Image tags are then read and indexed and posted to virtually any backend system, all completely unattended.

Highlights and Key Geo tagging Features

Common Uses

PSI:Capture and cameras can be utilized as a solution for numerous industries, businesses, and purposes, including:

  • Automated extraction of Geotag Information from Smart Phone photos
  • Formatting and migration of geo data to any one of 53 back end systems
  • Easy transfer of information to mapping formats like database and SharePoint Lists for photo mapping
  • Support for many camera manufacturers and idustry standard EXIF and IPTC tags

Automated Image Import and Mapping

Challenges with GPS-enabled cameras include the inability to extract and capture the imbedded metadata in the images, making sharing, distribution, and search and retrieval difficult. PSI:Capture’s image management solution provides the ability to import geotagged digital images, extract the EXIF tag information, index, validate, and migrate to any backend storage system or ECM system.


Image Processing Tools

PSI:Capture’s powerful processing tools make it easy to quickly edit images. Zoom, crop, sharpen, rotate, and contrast correction are just a few that make processing and improving images easier than ever, all without altering the original JPEG images.

GPS Photos and Barcodes

Geo-Tagged Photos and SharePoint

What’s your why?

Does what you do serve as proof for what you believe? Its an exciting Monday morning here at American Micro. We are refocusing our mindset and going from mission to purpose.

Psigen AP Invoice Processing and Workflow

Did you know?

  • Companies spend $20 to file a document (Time, materials, copy, etc.)
  • $120 in labor to find a misfiled document
  • $220 to reproduce a lost document

View this PowerPoint presentation on Psigen AP Invoice Processing and Workflow.

American Micro Company can relieve the burden of unnecessary FTE expenses and maximize your workflow efficiency! With the latest AP Processing software solutions, relief is on the way.

Not Paperless. Paper Conscious

Green Climage Portection Partnership - American Micro KCAt American Micro, we’ve been fans of using less paper for over 50 years. For much of that time we have been extolling the virtues of a paperless office for economic, security and efficiency reasons. Now, are equally supportive of any effort to reduce paper for the environment.

Did you know that American business still relies on paper and uses nearly 4 trillion paper documents each year? And even in this era of digital documents, the rate of paper usage is still growing 22% per year.

Consider that the average paper document is copied 19 times. Imagine how much you can reduce paper by simply incorporating a digital document system into your workflow.

But beyond simply reducing paper copies, consider how new software systems like FileBound, and a change in workflow procedures can impact the origin of documents. And when its time to dispose of paper, using proper shredding and disposal systems will ensure that documents are recycled, safely.

At American Micro we are still in search of a paperless office. Although we don’t foresee a truly paperless economy, we remain paper conscious and will do all we can to be environmentally responsible citizens.

American Micro is proud to support the Greater Kansas City Chamber’s Climate Protection Partnership.

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The World Of Document & Records Management

HR Document Scanning & Document Management from American MicroWith the evolution of technology, digital document management across all businesses and industries is becoming an integral part of enabling different departments to run more efficiently and profitably.

Recently I was able to see firsthand the importance of scanning in your HR employee files. There are many reasons for this.

  • Security – Features are enabled to allow certain employees to access certain documents
  • Natural Disasters – The uncontrollable and the unknown of complete document loss or destruction is now minimized for these files
  • Storage Space – You no longer have to be concerned where the file cabinets will go and automatically create more space
  • Ease of Retrieval – This allows the company the ability to retrieve files by employee name, employee number, benefit election, corrective action, terminated employees, or many other fields. This can be configured to user preference.
  • Performance Reviews – The employer can choose to enable workflow processes and can run the employee review process through all involved in a completely digital manner
  • Legal requirements – HIPAA compliance plays a big role in the maintenance of employee files and this system can enhance and improve a company’s compliance with HIPAA
  • Confidential – Digital storage of the documents has proved to be much more confidential than a file cabinet with the key to all employee files hanging in the HR Manager’s desk
  • Employee On-boarding – This can enable the employer to create online applications through the use of customized e-forms and the hiring process for all new employees. The documents that are created through the hiring process are automatically added to the employee file and become part of their permanent record.

Here at American Micro, we are more than just a software reseller/provider and we’re able to provide all these features and benefits across many different departments and industries. Not everyone knows that American Micro has been around for 55 years proudly serving our business clients. In our large facility with over 30 employees, we are able to provide document imaging and scanning services for one-time projects all the way to weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly recurring processes. We are able to be involved as much as necessary or as little as possible, you decide.

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Document Management: The Key to a More Responsive Business

Cloud Computing SolutionsThe short term motivations for deploying document management systems tend to be easily viewed. Usually, they revolve around recovering office space by eliminating filing cabinets. This technology, though, has even greater cost reduction and process improvement capabilities.

As is true with any technology, document management software providers add new features and lower their price. The key features that used to be exclusive for high-priced systems including workflow, e-forms and mobile accessibility, have come down in price to make it affordable for just about any organization.

Cloud Reduces Investment

Cloud-based document management, from such vendors as FileBound and ImageSilo from Digitech Systems, has made document management affordable. Cloud-based systems provide the following benefits versus early generations of document management:

  • Reduced Investment: no need for servers or IT infrastructure
  • Fast Deployment: most features are point and click, requiring minimal training
  • Feature Richness: most productivity features are included with the base software
  • Flexibility: moving from a license/maintenance model to a monthly fee makes the costs flexible and predictable

Key Features Drive ROI

When considering a document management system, our experience shows that these features drive the most process improvement capabilities. The key benefits include faster processing times and process accountability.

  • Workflow: automatic routing of documents instead of manually moving paper for signatures; it not only reduces effort, but provides accountability across the process and you eliminate the, “Did you see that document?” email
  • E-Forms: instead of filling out a form, you can use an online form that flows nicely into a workflow for approval; once again, you will see improved accountability and faster transactions
  • Mobility: put documents and processes where people work, and not just at their desks

Typical Projects

Once the technology is in place, the applications happen across your organization. The same technology is configured to meet the different department’s processes. Below are typical areas where many of our clients have seen significant process improvement results.

  • Invoice Processing: completely automate the entire invoice approval process, reducing the time from days and weeks to hours; this allows you to take advantage of early payment discounts and better information sharing between departments; audits also take less time, since an entire transaction can be found electronically versus in paper form
  • Human Resources: automate employee on-boarding, eliminating overnighting (i.e. FedEx) paperwork as well as having peace of mind (i.e. no non-compliance fines) knowing that all documents are in place if an audit occurs
  • Customer Service: put all customer contracts in a single location, and have proactive notification of when they expire; give your sales team all of the information they need right in front of the customer on a mobile device, enabling them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently
  • Engineering: Completely streamline engineering change orders, and have better visibility to all connected documents, including supplier contracts, invoices, customer feedback and engineering considerations

Make Your Business More Responsive

While getting rid of the filing cabinets is a good first step, the true benefits of document management solutions extend to making your business more responsive to customers, suppliers and to itself. Talk to us to learn more about how we have partnered with our customers to help them solve their most pressing and costly business issues.

FileBound Delivers Improved Performance, Capabilities and Ease-of-Use with Release of FileBound 6.5.2

FiileBound 6.5.2 Release from American MicroEnhancements to leading document management and workflow automation platform include new integration with Microsoft™ SharePoint and improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR) performance.

LINCOLN, Nebraska, July 1, 2013 – FileBound, the leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions and part of Upland Software’s family of cloud-based project, portfolio, and work management applications, today announced the availability of its latest product release, FileBound 6.5.2. The release delivers increased functionality and ease of use, with key enhancements including new Web Parts for SharePoint, improvements to FileBound’s Capture, Central Installation, and Integration Platform capabilities, and a Service Pack addressing every known issue from version 6.5.

FileBound provides an integrated workflow and document management system that can be deployed as a cloud-based service or implemented locally. Its solutions were developed on the web using a Microsoft platform so that they can be easily integrated into the most widely used software systems, and adapted to meet the individual needs of any business from SMEs to large corporations. At the heart of the FileBound solution are process automation tools that are simple to manage, allowing non-technical users to control rules, decisions, and work assignments. Within FileBound, customers can configure and generate reports that allow them to develop systematic audit procedures, manage information processes and comply with government regulations. FileBound’s powerful document management capabilities also help bridge the gap between digital content and paper documents, allowing organizations to seamlessly manage records and information.

The 6.5.2 release improves on FileBound’s class-leading software by introducing the following major enhancements:

  • The new FileBound SharePoint Web Parts bring integrated FileBound functionality into SharePoint. Users are able to view and take action on documents routed to them using FileBound workflow directly in the SharePoint interface. When performing a search within SharePoint users will receive search results that include content from both FileBound and SharePoint.
  • FileBound Capture 6.6 increases templating speed and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) performance by as much as 50%, and provides many new features including multiple word support for pattern matching, dockable line item and file summary panels, and VBScript support in templates.
  • FileBound Central Installation 3.0 provides the ability to register On-Demand sites, as well as install sites as the Default Website for the server, a Virtual Website on the server, or as a new Website. The new Site Health Check will determine system performance including key FileBound database tables and functions, CPU resources and memory utilization.
  • The FileBound Integration Platform now provides improved error handling and reporting. The Microsoft SQL connector has had support added that will clean empty spaces from data during importing. The QuickBooks connector has been updated to support QuickBooks 2013.

Dan Yount, FileBound General Manager, said, “These improvements were driven by input from our partners and their customers. The 6.5.2 release is the next step in achieving our vision of making FileBound the premier solution for business work automation.”

About FileBound

FileBound provides cloud-based business process automation and document management solutions that improve the operation of any organization by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively. With FileBound, customers can build automated workflow processes and centrally manage documents to improve compliance, collaboration, and access to information. FileBound solutions can be deployed locally or as a cloud-based service, and have been implemented by organizations of all sizes around the world. FileBound is committed to a customercentric approach to innovation, excellence and solutions that deliver measurable results. For more information, visit

About Upland Software

Upland is the world’s largest cloud provider of enterprise software for project, portfolio and work management. Upland is the only cloud software provider that offers a comprehensive family of applications that enable organizations to align their goals, projects and programs, optimize their resource utilization and workflows, and empower teams to collaborate and work effectively. From strategic planning to work execution, Upland drives business results for more than 1,200 enterprise clients with 300,000 active users in 50 plus countries. Visit for more information.

How a Manufacturer Secured All Engine Manuals with Document Management

Manufacturing Document Management Case Study from American MicroTurbomeca USA is a manufacturer that provides maintenance, overhauls, repairs and training solutions for helicopter engines, modules and accessories. Founded in 1980, Turbomeca USA is the American operating subsidiary of Turbomeca, S.A., the largest solely dedicated helicopter engine manufacturer in the world, and they had a significant document management problem…


Turbomeca USA’s internally developed imaging system was not meeting the growing company’s needs. There was no real security for sensitive documents, there was a large backlog of information needing to be entered in the system, and a part-time employee was handling all document scanning duties (which was not always done consistently). Considering that, if any of these critically important engine manuals were lost, it would cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace, the situation was becoming serious.

Information access was another area that required attention. The company lacked the ability to have multiple employees accessing a document at one time. Document distribution was a cumbersome process that was difficult to handle electronically. The company also wanted to decrease the amount of time it took to locate and retrieve documents from the system.

Since the company had experienced significant growth since coming to the United States, it was important to find a solution that was scalable so it would grow as the company expanded and added employees.


FileBound Document Management from American MicroTurbomeca USA replaced its old and ineffective manual document scanning system with FileBound document management software. FileBound’s solution required one week to install and train staff and has now improved the company’s efficiency throughout all departments.


Critically important helicopter engine manuals that must be easily accessible to staff but also kept totally secure are now conveniently available through FileBound. Turbomeca USA has gained a central repository for all its documents that is fully protected from disaster and loss. In addition, employees can now easily store, locate, retrieve and circulate documents, saving hours previously spent when the company’s ineffective system was in place. Multiple users can review a document at one time, leading to greater efficiency and streamlined business processes. Best of all, as the company expands, the scalable FileBound solution can grow right along with it to meet changing needs.

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Keeping Order with Local & County Documents

KC Missouri Jackson County CourthouseWhatever official life event you have in your city, our government keeps an official record of that event. There are two basic government agencies that track these activities, the Register/Recorder of Deeds (ROD) and the county government. Both Kansas and Missouri ROD and county government agencies have very similar requirements when it comes to the documents that they must track. These documents include:

  • Register/Recorder of Deeds: deeds, marriage licenses, military discharges (DD214), and plats
  • Collector: personal taxes, real estate taxes, back tax personal (delinquent), back tax real estate (delinquent), and tax sale records
  • Circuit Clerk: court documents including civil, criminal, juvenile, and probate
  • County Clerk: board Minutes, ordinances and all supporting documents

Complex Scanning & Indexing
As with most government regulated documentation process, the document itself and supporting documents come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the indexing information comes from the grantor, sometimes this information comes from the grantee. Some documents are large, including plats, and some are small, such as receipts. In addition, the documents can be old, since these records can date back over 150 years. Managing the scanning and indexing process requires experience with all of different types of documents, as well as the indexing rules.

You Have Options
With over 50 years working the local and county governments, we understand how you work and can provide solutions that work within your regulatory environment. Depending on your organization’s needs, we can provide a range of services:

  • On Premise Software & Equipment: we have deep experience with a wide variety of document management solutions, including enabling you to scan, index and secure these file in accordance with your state’s regulations
  • Our People, Your Technology: if you have already made decisions regarding your technology, you can outsource the scanning and indexing of documents in paper and scanning microfilm or microfiche to augment your current staff, for both backfile conversions as well as day-forward scanning
  • Outsourcing: we can scan, index and store your paper records at our facility and/or upload your document images to your document management software or cloud-based system (which we can install or host), providing an end-to-end solution

Consider The Cloud
Cloud-based document management reduces your ongoing costs, since no software is purchased, and can get you up and running quickly. With a cloud solution, we can also provide approval workflow automation to simplify making the documents available to the public, since the software is already utilizes the Internet for access, for both your staff and the public. FOIA requests can be handled quickly and efficiently, providing approved access according to your processes.

The American Micro Difference
Our staff has an average tenure of over 10 years. We are based in Kansas City, MO, are family run for two generations, are a part of your community, and we understand the value of customer service. This is what keeps our customers coming back. Whether you operate in Missouri or Kansas, we have experience to meet your ongoing document scanning and document management needs.

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How Limestone College Regained Space & Saved 250 Productivity Hours with PaperVision

Document Management for Higher Education Case StudyEstablished in 1845, Limestone College has been experiencing increasing student applications for their night school and online courses. To handle the increased demand, Limestone needed space, but the only space it had left was the third floor of the Administration Building, home to over 125,000 paper registrar records, many of which are at least 100-years-old. The issue was resolved, along with regaining 250 hours of productivity each year, when all of these records were scanned and uploaded into PaperVision Enterprise document management software from Digitech Systems.


Limestone College is an independent four-year liberal arts institution. As the largest private accredited institution in South Carolina, Limestone has cultivated a rich history and has the documents to prove it. “Not only are the buildings large parts of our history, the documents are too. They are a paper trail of time and memories that must be protected as permanent records,” explained the Associate VP for Information Technology.

Since the Administration Building was erected in 1835, it has only partially been modernized with heating and air conditioning. For years, more than 475 boxes of old Registrar records were stored in a wing that had never been renovated. In addition to the age of the records, the atmospheric conditions were causing the documents to deteriorate. Plus, the sheer weight of the stacked boxes was becoming a safety and engineering concern. Retrieving documents was also troublesome. Ten employees from the Business and Registrar Offices had to brave the elements to find student records. Combined, they spent five hours each week retrieving documents, wasting a total of 250 hours per year.

Limestone needed to manage their permanent records electronically in order to clear out storage space, gain productivity and save staff time and energy. More importantly, they required a solution that would not drain their limited IT resources and would provide a proven disaster recovery strategy.


PaperVision Enterprise from American MicroThe college recently implemented PaperVision Enterprise. Installation took just two hours and was a smooth, painless process that didn’t overwhelm the IT department. All 125,000+ documents were scanned and delivered back to the college on CD. As a turn-key solution, it now just takes a few minutes each week to upload documents from the CDs to PaperVision Enterprise. Training for 10 people was so easy that they didn’t even have to leave their offices.

Recognized Benefits

Today, Limestone has increased efficiency by 250 hours per year. The Registrar’s Office now has instant access to all paper records, which are available at the click of a button. Through a wide area network (WAN), employees even have remote access to the documents from any satellite campus. As a result, students that request records are now able to receive them right away, instead of waiting. This has been a welcome change from having to brave the cold, heat and humidity to search for documents. The amount of time it takes to open the application and find has been described by Limestone as, “amazingly fast—no more running from office to office.”

The document management system is helping Limestone expand in many ways. All 475 boxes were removed from the Administration Building, making room for 10 new faculty and staff offices. In addition to physical expansion, the ECM technology usage and benefits are growing too. Employees in the Financial Aid, Business Office, Nurse’s Office and the Student Development Office are also using the system to manage documents, enhance efficiency and ensure information security.

Although the college has never faced a serious natural disaster, they now have a concrete way of protecting their information in the event of one.

In the future, Limestone with expand the PaperVision Enterprise suite with PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, an add-on component that will enable them to further increase productivity by automating document-centric processes. Employees will be able to route documents instantly so they never have to be printed or stored in a file cabinet.

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