Going Paperless – Shred or Store?

go paperless - shred or store

A lot of people think that going paperless is a one-step process. But what many don’t understand is that converting paper documents to digital documents means you’re still left with a big pile of paper — paper that you may not need anymore… so should it be shredded, scanned or stored? A good question, and […]

Document Management in the Hotel Industry


When it comes to a paper intensive operation, the hotel industry is in the upper echelon.  With departments ranging from Guest Services, Engineering, Accounting, Human Resources, and Food and Beverage departments creating an enormity of paper is a common practice and requires management. The storage and retrieval of these valuable documents is key to the day […]

Document Bottlenecks in Construction


From the Office to the Field, having accessibility to documents not only keeps a project running smoothly, but yields capabilities to projects that have them ahead of schedule. On demand access to the following, prevents document bottlenecks in Construction: Project drawings and specs Change orders Purchase Orders and Invoices Inventory sheets Equipment operating manuals and warranties […]

Education File Managment


Education Solutions Expert Daniel Boyd Education file management is a cumbersome task. Eliminate the unnecessary expense of time and labor related to locating, printing,  and mailing documents. Scanning offers full indexing of records, enabling searches for any file by student name, ID#, year of graduation, etc for student files and more.  Additional document types that […]

23 “Must Knows” About Cloud & Collaboration


By Jon Mancini CEO of Aiim Cloud & Collaboration Internal collaboration is “crucial” for 63% of businesses. External collaboration is crucial for 32%. Plus 30% who consider both to be “Very important”. The biggest drivers for collaboration are general productivity, knowledge pooling, and pulling together a dispersed workforce. It is also important to speed up […]

How Are You Reading Your Microfilm?


Over the years, many organizations have had their paper documents transferred to microfilm, as it saves space and has a life expectancy of 500 years when stored properly. While newspapers and periodicals may deteriorate over time, and the paper may get worn through multiple users, microfilm, on the other hand, does not deteriorate in the […]

Digital Project File Accessibility


Every project must start and end somewhere, but it also includes a lot of steps in between along the way. And it’s most likely, that two, three, maybe even 10, team members will work on a project at once. For the easiest collaboration and most efficient working process, it’s crucial that team members can access […]