Expert Evaluation, Document Management in Transportation


Transportation Company in Kansas City         Expert Evaluation by Account Executive, Teri Barlow   “Headquarters here locally, with an additional 60 sites processing invoices daily, this transportation company has a very paper intensive process.”   Processing of those invoices includes approvals, and adjustments. General ledger line item coding is also done at […]

Document Management Makes A Difference In Manufacturing


Document management isn’t just for governments or large corporations. In fact, the manufacturing industry lends itself perfectly to the benefits of document management. Manufacturing businesses are powered by the information provided in orders, invoices and directions. When this information is managed efficiently, businesses can run smoother than ever before, resulting in increased revenue. Introducing document […]

Big Efficiencies Through Automated Mail Processing


If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been faced with some common troubles that go hand-in-hand with processing input from conventional mailrooms. Paper-based mail is sorted, read and distributed several times during the processing workflow. Correspondence gets lost or is sorted incorrectly. Content must be manually entered or exchanged to another system. These inadequacies, among others, […]

Going Digital, Shred or Store?


After invoices are processed (scan and OCR) with index values and the finished digital file is sent to the client, retention or destruction options are available for the original document, paper or electronic. Typically, our clients take advantage of our 60 day on-site storage, and then shredding or digital deletion is completed. Once document processing […]

Software Integration with your existing Accounting Software.


Will your Software Integrate with my Existing Accounting Software? One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is just that. American Micro Company offers Software Solutions that integrate with over 31 Accounting Software systems. System integration is essentially the process of 2 software programs speaking to each other/communicating using a set of meta data […]

What is WorkFlow?


What is Workflow? work•flow ˈwərkˌflō/ noun: workflow; plural noun: workflows 1. The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. Make standard business operations easy to execute and easy to manage by electronically routing documents, alerting users of pending work assignments and tracking progress step […]

6 Myths About AP Automation, Debunked!

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Almost every business, big or small, has an accounts payable department. And, more often than not, these department are plagued with problems like lost invoices, late payments or lack of time. Then why haven’t more departments adopted Accounts Payable Automation? Sometimes change is hard, and doesn’t help when there are myths out there cluttering the […]

What does your AP processing cost?


Have you ever figured out what it costs your company to process an invoice? According to the International Accounts Payable Professionals (IAPP), $80 per invoice is on the high end and $1 is on the low end.  Do you feel like you are somewhere in the middle, but would like to reduce the cost? Who […]

Common Questions About Business Document Scanning


Q. How frequently should I scan documents? A. This usually depends upon the number of documents your business or department receives andor generates per day, your available resources, and what happens to the document once it it scanned. Businesses that combine scanning with automated workflow processing (i.e. scanning accounts payable documents and routing them for […]