The Tech Trends Making Government Smarter


By Erin Richey, The public sector is often the last to adopt big techtrends. Change tends to arrive slowly in government, especially in organizations without much dedicated IT staff. Unfortunately, that can mean missing out on the cost savings and civic engagement new technologies offer. At the April Gartner Symposium and ITxpo in Dubai, the research and advisory […]

The World Of Document & Records Management


With the evolution of technology, digital document management across all businesses and industries is becoming an integral part of enabling different departments to run more efficiently and profitably. Recently I was able to see firsthand the importance of scanning in your HR employee files. There are many reasons for this. Security – Features are enabled […]

Kansas City CampFire President on Hope and A Community of Champions.


High School Graduation: It Starts with Hope and A Community of Champions 06/13/14 Cathy Tisdale, President of CampFire. While it may not appear so at first reading, there is some truly hopeful and promising news presented in the newly released report Don’t Call Them Dropouts:  Understanding the Experiences of Young People Who Leave High School Before […]

How To Invest $100, $1,000, Or $10,000

MATTHEW AMSTER-BURTON, MINT JAN. 30, 2014, 1:24 PM To end your day with a happy hypothetical, let’s say you’ve been following our advice on how to build a buffer account. It’s going so well that now you’ve got a little money you’d like to invest. “Great—I’m going to get started today!” you think. Then you Google “How do […]

What You Need to Know about Document Management in Healthcare

Hospitals, like any other major organization, live in a sea of paperwork. Except the piles of paper in hospitals have multiple government regulatory agencies watching for mistakes. The  government also requires healthcare organizations to move to electronic records and correspondence. Multifunction printers with the intelligence to power workflow processes improve efficiency and, with proper security, comply […]

Accounts Payable for Hospitals

BPO Invoice Processing for Hospitals: Just What the COO Ordered Healthcare organizations continue to get squeezed from all sides, and continue to look for ways to focus their resources on patient care. While document scanning continues to be a part of the patient record process, non-patient related document management represents an opportunity for process improvement. […]

Hospital Document Scanning: Not Just for Patient Records

Just like any other company, healthcare organizations have business related documents that must be tracked. What is not obvious is the document range that they must track, based on a variety of state and local regulations, as well as industry “best practices.” These documents span human resource departments, facilities management activities and invoice processing. Credentialing […]

Would you use a drone to walk your dog?

Fri, 05/23/2014 – 4:37pm Kasey Panetta, Managing Editor at   Just when you think you’ve seen everything, right? We’ve seen drones be used for a number of interesting applications including, but not limited to, delivering packages,deterring poachers in vast animal reserves, and even fortarget practice. However, this is the first usage of a drone […]