8 Things you need to know about Enterprise Capture.


By Jon F. Mancini CEO of AIIM One of the things I talk about during my presentations, is that while capture is a mature technology (i.e., it actually works as advertised), the capture market is still relatively immature. Specifically, while a relatively high percentage of user organizations are scanning to archive, relatively few are extracting […]

How Are You Reading Your Microfilm?


Over the years, many organizations have had their paper documents transferred to microfilm, as it saves space and has a life expectancy of 500 years when stored properly. While newspapers and periodicals may deteriorate over time, and the paper may get worn through multiple users, microfilm, on the other hand, does not deteriorate in the […]

Digital Project File Accessibility


Every project must start and end somewhere, but it also includes a lot of steps in between along the way. And it’s most likely, that two, three, maybe even 10, team members will work on a project at once. For the easiest collaboration and most efficient working process, it’s crucial that team members can access […]

Trending Features In Document Management

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  By David Roe  |  Nov 18, 2014 www.cmswire.com DAM: The Evolution of Content in the Software-Defined Enterprise The paperless office is still to a large extent a dream. But the possibility of developing paperless processes is a very real opportunity, according to this year’s AIIM annual industry watch research. The findings are contained in AIIM’s Paper Wars: An […]

Easy AP Automation In Action


Three Video’s on Psigen AP Automation Software There’s a plethora of information out there regarding the “paperless office” and “going  digital”. It’s easy to get confused reading technical jargon, so we’ve provided some recorded video demo’s to help you along the way in making your choice towards a better way to do your Accounts Payable process. […]

How Safe is Your Data?


Have you considered making the switch to digital documents, but see it as just too risky? Do you feel safer and more comfortable with a physical document you can protect rather than entrusting it to a computer that you don’t understand? Well now’s the time to change your thinking and revolutionize your company by starting […]

Conversion Services in Manufacturing: Paper to Digital

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On Demand Your manufacturing company doesn’t need things done tomorrow – it needs them done now. And there’s no room for error. A paper-based company is vulnerable to human errors, delays and lost documents. None of which are efficient or productive. Luckily, by switching from paper documents to digital files, it’s completely possible to increase […]

Digital MSDS, The Ultimate Safety Measure


Material Safety Data Sheets in Manufacturing, Packaging, Shipping, and Distribution. Employers and employees not only need quick access to Material Safety Data Sheets, the law requires it. Unfortunately these documents are usually stored in heavy binders locked in offices, or stored in places that are not easily and quickly accessible in the event of an […]