The History of Cinco De Mayo

The Cinco de Mayo holiday commemorates the triumph of the small Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  Mexico’s Independence Day, is actually September 16. Cinco de Mayo represents Mexican resistance to foreign intervention, it is a moment where Mexico as a young nation rallied to defend itself. Cinco de Mayo commemorates a […]

Team Dysfunction Happens.. How to Fix it.

If you’re like many business owners, managing a team may not be your strong suit. You’re  passionate about your business and you want it to do well, but your staff  isn’t as productive as you need them to be. You’re busy running a company, so you don’t always see the issues with the “boots on the ground” […]

Join Us for Our Webinar with American Micro for AP and Invoice Processing

Webinar: American Micro for AP and Invoice Processing The day-to-day operations of a business rely heavily on managing and processing accounting documents like invoices, receipts, purchase orders, financial statements and tax documents. Many companies rely on manual accounting and documentation processes. Processes that risk data loss, security breaches and non-compliance. Join us for a one-hour webinar to learn […]

Save Money Using Document Management

Document Management: How to Enhance Efficiency, Gain Control and Save Money. In all industries, profitability is dependent upon how efficient data, processes, people, and documents are managed. These days we must take into account regulatory compliances and increasingly, the cybersecurity of customer data.  The number of documents in a company’s process is shocking. The world is information-dependent, and most companies need […]

4 Reasons To Consider A Document Management Solution from American Micro

Using the document management solution from American Micro can help your company become efficient quickly.  Your company  will benefit from centralized management of your company’s documents.  How? Here are four reasons why American Micros’ document management solutions will help your company get through document management pain: We are the Midwest’s experts in document management organization. Our solution organizes documents dynamically according to smart views that are […]

Preparing for the Disaster Recovery with American Micro

Document Management: Don’t Be The Business Without A Plan As the market rapidly changes from day to day,  its time to get critical about our best practices for document management and disaster recovery of all those documents.  Document management is now fully integrated with “Disaster Recovery” and should be a predominate part of both your IT security and disaster recover […]

Why Should You Automate Your Paper Process?

Paperwork is just one of the costs of doing business, right? It doesn’t have to be. Even though the paperless office has been a goal for a couple of decades, most businesses still find that a majority of invoices (typically in the 60-80 percent range) are still paper-based. It’s a problem in this modern Digital Age. It takes […]

American Micro Hosts Emergency Food Drive for Kansas City’s Reconciliation Services

Emergency Food Service 3

American Micro Hosts Emergency Food Drive for Kansas City’s Reconciliation Services American Micro kicked holiday giving into high gear by hosting an emergency food drive for Kansas City’s Reconciliation Services.  The food drive provided resources for the local Reconciliation Services, a program who’s focus is on serving those individuals that have fallen through the cracks of other social […]

Keep This In Mind If You’re Thinking About Buying a Document Scanner

Document Scanning

For some businesses, buying a document scanner is a great investment. In-house scanning can give you control over image quality and information, plus provide a turn-around time that is great for busy, fast-moving companies. However, scanners that can handle thousands of pages in a month, or even in a day, are a little different from that […]