Why Compliance Matters in Electronic Document Management

By Karen Zecy on Jul 18 in Blogger.

EDM Compliance

If you’re concerned about regulatory compliance when it comes to Electronic Document Management (EDM) you can leave your worries behind. Our clients tell us they feel more in control of their business processes, have better accountability and experience easier reporting for compliance requirements. In fact, EDM can significantly improve the way your business runs with process automation that leads to more accurate compliance.

Got Audits?

Inaccurate data capture can create an extraordinary delay in completing an audit.  Imagine a world where your staff no longer has to dig into files (hundreds of them) searching for that one missing piece of information!  Documents that have been digitized free your staff to easily search for the RIGHT information at the touch of a keyboard.  All the details are captured and correctly routed to the proper channels to mitigate risk and reduce unnecessary man hours.

It’s probably never happened to you, but in the case of a reported grievance or more serious allegation, your team will have easy access to important documents. Any necessary reports can be generated quickly.

Across departments and industries, document management software and mailroom scanning services with workflow automation help with compliance requirements and information governance, including, but not limited to, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, No Child Left Behind, FRCP, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and FERPA regulations.

You’re in Charge!

  • You choose who is authorized to access documents
  • You choose the safeguards that make sense for your business
  • You choose security levels
  • You choose who can do what with each document

The time is now to bring your business processes up to date with Electronic Document Management!  The ability to follow a document from scan to storage, feel confident that all detail has been captured and know that it is easy to retrieve takes a load off your mind.  For a free demonstration or evaluation of your current systems, simply give us a call!

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Karen Zecy