Document Conversion

At American Micro we provide a variety of Document Conversion Services including:

CONVERTING PAPER TO DIGITAL IMAGESCONVERTING PAPER TO DIGITAL IMAGES: Document scanning, document archiving, document capture and image scanning services for a large variety of applications. Simply send us your documents and we will send them back to you via FTP or on a CD. Or, we can host them on one of our Document Servers, complete with free electronic Search and Retrieval software which you can use to view, email and print. Click here for more information on our Document Scanning services.

We offer on-site scanning services, too.

DOCUMENT INDEXING: Data entry specialists dedicated to the accuracy and integrity of indexing scanned documents. American Micro also utilizes a powerful match & merge process that allows us to reuse a clients existing database to electronically populate indexing fields. Whether you require hand-key verification, barcode reading, zone-ocr or an electronic transfer of data, American Micro provides the expertise to ensure documents are indexed accurately for easy retrieval. Click here for more information on our Document Indexing services.

Converting Paper Files to MicrofilmDATA ENTRY: Providing high quality, cost-effective data entry services ideally suited to high volume data applications such as: database and mailing list compilation, data extraction from the web, electronic publication, file conversion and many others. Click here for more information on our Data Entry services.

PERMANENT STORAGE: Customize services to fit your specific requirements creating a partnership solution for your internal records management needs.Click here for more information on permanent document storage solutions.

CONVERTING PAPER TO MICROFILM: Convert all types of business records, engineering drawings, newspapers, medical records, research notebooks, computer reports and other various documents to standard microfilm formats.Click here for more information on converting to microfilm.

Using our equipment and experienced personnel, we will scan, OCR, and index your microfilm at our secure facility. We assure the highest quality with our QC processes, making sure that all of the images were converted from the film rolls. We will then convert your document images to PDF, TIFF or any other industry standard file format you wish (even some not-so-standard formats). Click here for more information on microfilm scanning.

Converting microfiche images into current formats make them instantly available, either from your document management system, or one of our cloud based offerings from FileBound or ImageSilo. Our conversion services take risk out of your storing these documents in their current format, without any infrastructure investment in a quick and cost effective manner. Click here for more information on microfilm scanning.

CONVERTING DIGITAL IMAGES TO MICROFILMCONVERTING DIGITAL IMAGES TO MICROFILM: Converting digital images to microfilm provides a simple but extremely effective
solution for long term document storage and disaster recovery. American Micro Co can convert your digital images to microfilm so they can easily be stored for disaster recovery or legal and government compliance. Whether your digital images were created by scanning paper or originally created within your own software application – American Micro Co can convert those images to microfilm for permanent storage. Don’t let your electronic records become inaccessible due technology changes or be destroyed in a disaster without being backed up on microfilm.

Once stored offsite you now have a complete disaster recovery program and long-term storage for permanent records. Click here for more information on our digital to microfilm conversion services.

CONVERTING MICROFILM TO DIGITAL IMAGES: At American Micro Co. our document image processing will convert your files to TIFF images with simplicity and ease. We use the most sophisticated microfilm equipment and microfilm scanners to give you the best quality images. Simply send us your film or microfiche and we will send it back to you on CD, complete with the software to search, view, email or print your documents.

Our conversion services include:

  • Microfilm Scanning and Microfilm Conversion
  • Image clean-up
  • Database creation
  • Scanning text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Database conversion
  • Scanning software
  • CD creation
  • Internet Image Hosting of your Documents

Click here for more information on converting microfilm to digital files.

MICROFILM PROCESSING, DUPLICATION & DISASTER RECOVERY: Complete microfilm processing and duplication program, monitored by Eastman Kodak for quality. We process 16mm and 35mm microfilm and create diazo and silver duplicates for backup. Click here for more information on our microfilm processing services.