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Fixed Content Imaging and Report Management on Windows

With its out-of-the-box capabilities, Documentum ApplicationXtender 5 allows you to quickly create an “electronic file cabinet” for information, enabling the capture, organization, and delivery of fixed content images, documents, reports, and other business-critical information. Built on a central repository, ApplicationXtender provides specific capabilities for high-speed image capture and storage and is designed for quick deployment. With ApplicationXtender, you quickly access business documents, enhancing the quality of decisions, increasing customer service levels, and improving employee productivity. productivity.


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Leveraging the Internet to Provide 24×7 Access to Content

WebXtender helps you share and leverage your corporate data assets, giving users and business partners the ability to retrieve and use data whenever they need it most. As an integral part of the ApplicationXtender family of content management solutions, WebXtender delivers immediate access to stored data via the Internet or a corporate intranet or extranet using a standard Web browser. Providing both interactive and read-only Web clients for Documentum ApplicationXtender, WebXtender allows organizations to enable online collaboration as well as e-business activities.

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Improving Access to Enterprise Reports

Today’s information-centric economy produces reports on high volume, all-points-addressable printers, using print stream technology that includes extensive formatting instructions. But creating reports is only half of the equation. Reports must also be available and consumable by the people who need to consult them. ERMXtender provides report processing for advanced print streams, as well as traditional COLD text formats, for management within ApplicationXtender. By providing fast and efficient capture of enterprise report data, ERMXtender turns enterprise reports into e-reports, enabling internal and external report delivery.

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Enhancing Business Efficiency

WorkflowXtender provides automated workflow management for documents and processes performed by employees using ApplicationXtender or WebXtender. Through support for a collaborative work environment, WorkflowXtender improves throughput and productivity, thus enhancing business efficiency.

It permits individual users to view and manage their tasks from within the ApplicationXtender or WebXtender clients, allowing them to work more productively permit WebXtender clients, allowing them to work more productively.

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High-Volume Batch Scanning and Indexing for ApplicationXtender

Documentum ScanXtender provides fast and efficient batch scanning capabilities for the ApplicationXtender system. As a high-speed batch scan and index module with configurable processing queues, ScanXtender seamlessly integrates with ApplicationXtender to create a complete, high-volume document capture solution that is easy to install, configure, and operate., configure, and operate.

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Complete Document Distribution System

Documentum ReportXtender provides a complete content distribution mechanism for ApplicationXtender, allowing organizations to distribute content via CD to third parties who may or may not have ApplicationXtender. ReportXtender meets the organizational and inter-organizational demand for the distribution of content to those individuals who need access to the information- especially when Web access is not possible, convenient, or appropriate.

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Image-Enable Business Applications Without Programming

ApplicationXtender Integration Module (AXIM) delivers an unsurpassed image-enabling technology that allows virtually any business application to be easily and seamlessly integrated with the Documentum ApplicationXtender Content Management solution without programming. With this innovative solution, knowledge workers can retrieve business documents with information from the ApplicationXtender repository without leaving their desktop business systems.

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Records Manager

Enabling Accountability Through Enterprise Records Management

Today, organizations are required to meet a growing body of regulations governing all kinds of information. Paper and Electronic documents, and other content such as e-mail, must be classified, stored, and retrieved to enable accountability…

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