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FileBound Document Management from American MicroFileBound document management and office automation solutions improve the way you process and manage your valuable documents and workflows—giving you peace of mind as you save time and money.

FileBound boosts your productivity to a new level by helping:

  • Streamline your Accounts Payable department to run smoother with fewer staff and better results
  • Keep your sensitive Human Resources records safe, secure and available as needed
  • Improve your Accounts Receivables turn without adding staff
  • Reduce your use of expensive couriers to send documents
  • Eliminate time wasted searching for records
  • Put an end to the trauma of “lost documents” and futile searches

Find out how our solutions will reduce your operational costs, improve your business processes and enhance your reporting and compliance to make you more successful in every way.

Designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, we offer three solutions to meet your specific needs:

  • On-Site™ meets the needs of organizations that manage their own IT infrastructure and require a robust highly secured solution.
  • On-Demand™ provides a solution for those that seek an outsourced cloud-based solution for scalability, convenience, and cost controls.
  • Express™ is the ideal fit for medium to small organizations that prefer an on-site implementation and the convenience of a plug and play network appliance solution.
  • The workflow module automates the collaboration and assignment of tasks to accelerate the completion of critical business decisions.
  • Touch is an iPad App and browser interface for desktop PCs and Android devices that allows users to upload snapshots from the device’s camera, update and route e-forms, complete assignments, and view files.
  • Drive gives you direct easy access to your FileBound content using the computer’s window navigation, such as Windows Explorer, while maintaining the security and audit functions provided by storing your documents in FileBound.

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