Free Trial

Most people take this time of year to get more organized, eat better, workout, lose weight, etc. This can also apply to your records. Do you need to reduce the paper in your file cabinet, or find a better way to manage all of the paper in your office?

In an earlier post we discussed some of the costs associated with your file room. We also mentioned that we have a free trial offer for those considering going digital with their document management in 2012. I’ve received a few questions about the free trial, so I thought I would provide some more details about the program.

Sometimes You Just Need To See It

When vendors talk about “going paperless”, the number of choices and possibilities can be overwhelming. Most people that we talk to don’t want to hear about paperless solutions, they want to see what paperless solutions can do for them.

Our 60 day trial is designed to do just that – show you how paperless solutions can help you manage your documents.

In order to do that, we start by scanning up to 2 boxes of your documents. We then load these digital documents into our hosted document storage system. We will show you how to use the system to search for, retrieve, and protect any document, anywhere, any time.

We will also show you how your document management system can:

  • Drastically reduce the time it takes to find and retrieve a document
  • Protect and secure your documents so only the people you want can access them
  • Reduce turn around times and streamline workflows

There are no strings attached. If after the free trial you decide that digital document management is not for you, we will purge all of your information from the document management system.

To get started, simply call 888-630-1153 or email to schedule your free trial.