Digital Document Imaging for Litigation Services

Litigation support services. American Micro provides litigation support services and digital document imaging for some of Kansas City’s leading law firms.American Micro provides litigation support services and digital document imaging for some of Kansas City’s leading law firms. Litigation document management software and a partner well versed in electronic discovery services can make all the difference when preparing for a case.

Image Scanning

More than simply a mechanical process, scanning is the cornerstone of all document management efforts in the litigation process. Our proven approach to scanning is based on years of experience:

Project Plan Development

Because no two cases are alike, our Account and Project Managers begin each scanning project by requesting an in–depth discussion with your attorneys, case managers and other appropriate parties. Together, we’ll develop a plan of action to set parameters and guidelines based on case-specific needs.

Document Preparation

We will prepare each group of documents by dividing them into main files, documents within files, attachments, attached notes and other sub–components. After scanning, our team will make sure your documents are restored to their original bindings, groupings, etc.


Our seasoned management and scanning staff combined with robust technologies help assure excellent results. All projects are completed using high-speed scanning equipment from Kodak™. These best in class machines are equipped with advanced features such as auto-crop and image filtering, and can easily scan papers of different sizes and weights. With an output of thousands of pages per day, they deliver fast turnaround on time-sensitive projects.

Quality Control

To maintain document integrity and scanning accuracy, we perform constant quality assurance checks through every phase of your project. You can rely on us to make sure all  images burned on a CD (or other designated media) are completed with proper quality, formatting and retrieve ability.

Flexible Options

Whatever your input and output needs, we’re ready to meet them with a full range of technical capabilities:

  • Scanning from paper, microfilm, aperture cards and microfiche
  • Scanning at 200 or 300 dots per inch (DPI)
  • Output to TIFF, PDF, JPEG and other formats

Guaranteed seamless integration of all media to a number of software system platforms to accommodate multi–party litigation, including among others:

  • Summation®
  • Concordance®
  • JFS-Litigators Notebook™
  • IPRO™
  • Introspect™
  • DocuMatrix™

Litigation Coding

Often the key to winning a case rests on a single fact. The challenge is finding that fact instantly from mountains of data. With American Micro Co. coding services, you have the power to pinpoint the information you need from thousands – even millions – of pages of e-mails, faxes, letters, memos, contracts, depositions and more. All at a moment’s notice.

We’ll begin your coding/indexing assignment by collaborating with your firm to develop a case-driven coding manual based on your strategies and issues. During this preparation phase, we’ll also train and test our coders and analyze content to determine if the coding plan allows for optimal information retrieval.

Coding services include:

Basic Coding

Provides you with logical unitized documents and bibliographic information including: Bates numbers,
attachment ranges, authors, recipients, copyees, document types, document titles and document attributes, etc.

Advanced Coding

Includes bibliographic information and relevant data extrapolated from the document body: names and organizations in-text, key words and terms, marginalia, enhanced and created titles, etc.

Coding Quality Control

Using both manual and computerized quality control procedures, we achieve an unsurpassed level of accuracy and quality. These measures include:

  • Job tracking system that ensures receipt, processing and output of each batch of work
  • Continuous monitoring of work and on–demand status reports
  • Customized spell–checking and data verification
  • Project–specific edits and validation tables

Electronic Discovery

As electronic data becomes a critical source of discoverable evidence, firms and corporations face a new litigation challenge: how to quickly and cost-effectively find key data in computerized files such as e–mail, word processing files, spreadsheets, HTML, graphics and more. American Micro Co. has the technologies and expertise that deliver a proven solution. Our ED service can reveal all the data embedded in digital files and messages while converting them into images easily integrated into your litigation management software.

A suite of ED services that anticipates your needs.

As part of the Electronic Discovery process, we:

  • Process images directly from file to image, eliminating the laborious print to scan to image procedure
  • Make exact copies of all files onto our systems, which then become authenticated originals
  • Provide complete meta–data and full-text extractions from virtually any file allowing a fully searchable database
  • Provide an index of electronic files coded with bibliographic data
  • Create a database of all electronically discovered  materials indicating ownership, paths and relationships between senders and recipients
  • Deduplicate (dedupe) the many identical copies of messages and documents that might be distributed throughout an organization and safely store them in a database to prevent discovery “clutter”
  • Seamlessly integrate your computer files and images into load ready data guaranteed compatible with Summation, Concordance, DocuLex® and other popular software packages

Full Text Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If access to complete text is required, we can provide you with computer readable and searchable text via OCR, OCR clean up or manual keying. We can OCR an entire document population or selective document types as well as subsets of documents.

Need access to your important legal documents 24/7? American Micro’s document warehousing solutions gives you instant document access in one location or throughout the firm. To learn more about Document Warehousing click here.

American Micro partners with Digiscribe International ( an experienced leader in Electronic Document Discovery and litigation support services.