Document Management for Education Providers

Document Conversion for EductionDespite budget cuts, today’s school districts, colleges and universities are dealing with increased student enrollments and applications, along with more stringent legal requirements such as FERPA and No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Document Management Software can help to manage education documents through proven document imaging solutions and methodologies, meeting the challenges with cost-saving results.

Documents found in imaging applications:

  • Student files
  • Records
  • Grades
  • Maintenance information
  • School board minutes
  • Teacher contracts

Due to higher educational costs, lower government funding, and increased regulatory requirements, educational institutions must become more cost effective and efficient. There are inherent benefits to incorporating a document management system.

  • Significant operational efficiencies
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Document security and integrity
  • Rapid investment payback – often within one budget cycle
  • Ability to locate, retrieve and immediately use documents from anywhere, at anytime, whether you are at district HQ or at a school, or even from home via the Internet
  • Improved disaster recovery response time
  • Reduced cycle-times associated with application review and approval, purchase order approval new hire and grievance processing, and accounts payable processing
  • Electronically controlled and audited steps in mission-critical business processes
  • Preservation of vital records
  • Decreased on-site storage costs

Case Study: South Plains College

Case Study: Limestone College

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