Real Estate Document Management Solutions

American Micro in Kansas City - Real Estate Document Scanning ServicesImaging and document management services can provide both commercial and residential real estate companies valuable advantages. Real estate transactions often result in hundreds of pages of documents. By capturing and storing these documents digitally, credit reports, mortgage forms, land plots, title information, and contracts can be easily and quickly located and displayed on any computer.

Imagine the potential loss if boxes of real estate transaction documents are lost due to fire, flood or other disaster. Document imaging all but eliminates those potential disasters.

Document automation provides secure backup of all your important information and saves time and money through elimination of costs and labor associated with paper filing systems. The greatest asset of a document management system in real estate is the ability to retrieve the one important document you need most when the close of the sale is pending.

In commercial real estate, the potential benefits of document management are even more dramatic. Document imaging systems from American Micro can be use for:

  • Construction drawing and plans
  • Blueprints
  • Site plans
  • Building equipment specifications and warranties
  • Tenant improvement plans, finishes and leases
  • Photographs and any information related to a building

Architects, developers, builders and property owners can easily share information through secure server systems, saving time and money. Data capture (OCR technology) provides full-text searching for contracts, allowing simple retrieval based on key words or phrases. Documents are never lost or misfiled.

ImageSilo, or document warehousing, is a web-hosted document management system that allows all of your offices and geographic locations to view the same documents. ImageSilo is quickly integrated into your business because no additional servers or hardware are needed. Most importantly, ImageSilo allows you to avoid investment in hardware while still realizing the benefits of a document management system.

Minimal interface requirements, ease of use, and the simplicity of the applications makes ImageSilo a valuable tool or any commercial or residential real estate company.