Konica Minolta PS7000 MK II Scan Large Books and Documents

Konica Minolta PS7000 Scan Large Books and DocumentsThe Konica Minolta PS7000 MK II publication scanner is a superior system for scanning large-sized books, artwork, ledgers, and other bound materials. Its face-up scanning system means you don’t have to turn volumes over in the face-down position, so your materials require less handling and fragile bindings are protected.

  • Scanning area of 17″ x 23-2/8″ scans oversized bound volumes with ease.
  • Adjustable cradle provides gentle, stress-free support to the spine of book volumes.
  • Fast scanning at only 4-1/2 seconds per page for 8-1/2″ x 11″ originals.
  • Clean, crisp images with up to 600-dpi resolution.
  • Automatically compensates for curvature of pages.
  • Automatic edge detection masks out borders and the area beyond the page for clean, professional-looking results.
  • Output scanned image directly to a printer or PC, with a single button.


Copying bound materials is quick and effortless. There’s no need to turn the book over, so handling is kept to a minimum and fragile bindings are protected.

To minimize light exposure on rare or deteriorating books and documents, one scan can produce multiple copies.

17″ x 23-3/8″ scanning area easily scans oversized bound volumes, artwork, maps, ledgers, archival records, and other large documents.

Renders crisp, legible text and clear, sharp halftones up to 600 dpi resolution for 11″ x 17″ originals, 400 dpi for 17″ x 23-3/8″ oversized pages using exclusive Micro-Toning System for legible text and clear, sharp halftones.

A Konica Minolta Digital Printer gives you up to 20 pages per minute at 11″ x 17″ size, with first-copy speed of about 13 seconds.

A single button switches output from direct-print to PC-connect mode, to accommodate different needs without complex adjustments.

Automatically compensates for page curvature at the center spine when bound volumes don’t lie flat.

Automatically masks borders, erases shadows, and eliminates the images of fingers that may be holding pages open.

With Auto Focus/Exposure scans are accurate without performing time-consuming manual adjustments.

On-screen menus make scanning functions easy to operate, even for first-time users.


Scan MSP3000 Digital Laser Printer: 20-ppm output speed, 1,150-sheet maximum paper capacity, first copy in just 13 seconds. Exclusive Fine Micro-Toning System uses precision laser technology to reproduce fine details. Standard 150-sheet paper tray and 250-sheet universal cassette gives 400-sheet capacity. With options, MSP3000 printer holds a maximum of 1,150 sheets for longer service with less frequent paper reloading.

Angle Book Holder: Book cradle adjusts to reduce stress on thick or fragile bindings.

PC Interface Kit: Scan originals for desktop publishing, graphic presentations, website, e-mail, or fax/modem transmission.

Grayscale Upgrade: 256 levels, 8-bit output to PC provides high-quality scanned images of halftones and graphics.

Coin Operation/Vendor Card: Jamex provides cost recovery vending systems for use with the PS3000. Units can be customized with mounting systems and Stored-Value Card readers.

Foot Pedal: For long work sessions, a foot pedal makes operation easier.

MSP3000 Work Stand: Provides convenient, stable support for PS7000.

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