Converting Digital Images to Microfilm

Microfilm Conversion

Convert digital to microfilmConverting digital images to microfilm provides a simple but extremely effective solution for long term document storage and disaster recovery.

American Micro can convert your digital images to microfilm so they can easily be stored for disaster recovery or legal and government compliance. Whether your digital images were created by scanning paper or originally created within your own software application – American Micro can convert those images to microfilm for permanent storage. Don’t let your electronic records become inaccessible due technology changes or be destroyed in a disaster without being backed up on microfilm.

Once stored offsite you now have a complete disaster recovery program and long-term storage for permanent records.

Digital Document Conversion Services

Eliminate the risk of managing information. According to industry experts, digitally stored data begins to degrade after about seven years, and to overcome this shortfall, they recommend microfilm as the self-sustainable storage medium of choice for the long-term preservation of business documents. We help companies more easily and confidently store their business documents on microfilm with our Reference Archive Services, providing digital-to-film writing services on behalf of companies.

With businesses and government being held to ever-higher standards of accountability, you know the importance of good records management. That means that your records have to be complete, accessible, and unalterable. Not having that capability is a real liability. Let the Reference Archive Services Network help ensure that you get the records you need in the form you need them – quickly, simply, and cost effectively.

Your data will be secure, stored on a stable, proven storage system that enables you to comply with any request—right from your office.

Are you seeking an efficient document management alternative for disaster recovery?

Do you need to manage mandatory compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley?

Do you want to minimize equipment investments and labor costs?

Contact us, your Reference Archive Services Network Member, and we will help you.