Converting Paper to Digital Images

Converting Paper to Digital ImagesAmerican Micro provides document scanning and conversion, microfilm and microfiche conversionarchive writing (digital to microfilm), and cloud document management and archival for a large variety of applications and document types. Simply send us your documents and we will send them back to you via FTP or on a CD. Or, we can host them on one of our Document Servers, complete with free electronic Search and Retrieval software which you can use to view, email and print.Our Document Scanning & Conversion Services include:

  • Document preparation
  • Document scanning
  • Document storage systems
  • Image clean-up
  • Image indexing and index verification
  • Scanning text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OCR corrections *
  • Database creation
  • Data conversion
  • Scanning software
  • Large format scanning

* Using OCRFlow, our state-of-the-art OCR recognition engine, scanned images are converted to fully searchable text documents. Full-text searches are particularly useful in finding specific words or phrases in reams of documents.

For example, attorneys can quickly and easily find references to a specific name, date, address or subject matter. Search results instantly identify all of the references and how they appear in the context of a sentence. The user can then go directly to the relevant page within the document. This full-text data can be further manipulated and shared across various applications, significantly reducing the need for editing and rewriting.