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We Are American Micro Company.


We have a lot more to say about our innovative technology platform, products and solutions, so we invite you to explore it.

Staying focused is more important than ever, especially when searching for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and generate ROI. With just one initiative — using American Micro’s to electronically manage accounts payable (AP) and other financial documents — your organization could introduce the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve the bottom line..

Any government solution begins and ends with security. Government agencies are granted the responsibility to manage and deliver a multitude of public and/or private records. These records must be accessible to the public and at the same time remain in a secure environment. The Document Management solution you chose needs stay on-budget and meet regulatory standards. Do you face the problem of managing and processing millions of documents and making them available to your constituents? We will build a specialized document solution for your government agency from the ground up.

Engineers and Designers store their knowledge and ideas in all types of documents. With this comes the challenge of managing engineering changes, revisions, and release processes as well as collaborating across the Web. Engineering departments very often have difficulty finding documents, identifying correct versions of a document, and keeping documents secure.