Automation, Life Cycle and Helpful Tips

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Document Scanner Cleaning – Mark’s Minute

Paper dust is one of your worst enemies when document scanning. Staying on top of cleaning your scanners will keep you from dealing with unwanted lines on your scan.

Document Scanning Productivity Tips – Mark’s Minute

Productivity is key in assisting an automated workflow. Barcodes, a monitor and listening for that smooth sound will help your operators increase productivity.

Document Scanning Quality Control – Mark’s Minute

Quality control is key for document management. A superior software can help dramatically increase your QC.

Document Scanning – Preparing Documents – Mark’s Minute

Preparing documents is the first step in setting up an automated workflow that goes smoothly and keeps the numbers and information in your hands and readily available.

Scanning Documents – Mark’s Minute

Document scanning with a high dollar scanner is only good when you have large bulks of paper ready to go. Automate your workflow with proper preparation.