What the “Social Revolution” could mean for your company

Despite the office being a place for teamwork, collaboration, and communication, in many workplaces there is an avoidance of social media when instead it should be embraced. With a societal shift towards all things social, and many offices taking advantage of both workshifting and the mobile office, the benefits of implementing social processes into business processes can provide innovative ways for companies to work and grow.

This “social revolution” takes into account the millennial culture that will soon dominate the workforce, and the changing technology that dictates social trends. In essence, this revolution is all encompassing of the variety of changes that have started to permeate the office.

There are five distinct areas that social is assumed to change the workplace this year. Take a look at the Forbes article that goes into detail about what this “social revolution” could mean for your company. http://onforb.es/VfwEvO