Digital transformation in organizations doesn’t happen by osmosis—someone has to take the lead and steer the company toward digital change. The most obvious answer is IT professionals. After all, technology is their trade. And while 39% of the businesses surveyed by AIIM said that IT leaders are the ones pushing digital transformation in their companies, 31% of respondents actually said corporate executives are the drivers of digital change in their organizations.

Here are 3 reasons to pursue document automation in your organizations as part of a digital transformation strategy:

1. Improve efficiency and cut costs: We could name a hundred great reasons to consider automating your documents processes, but if increasing profitability wasn’t one of them, most CEO’s would walk away—and rightfully so. No business wants to invest in a system that doesn’t improve profitability. Fortunately, cost savings from document capture and automation are usually seen very quickly. Not only will your business cut costs associated with printing, paper, and manual processes, but the increased efficiency of your workforce will also boost profits.


2. Increase collaboration across the workforce: Your employees are most effective when they can perform their jobs without distraction and inefficient processes. Automation streamlines document processes and organizes your important content in a searchable, easily accessible format. Employees no longer need to waste time hunting for documents or asking their co-workers to help them find information. With a centralized location for all your business’s important documents, everyone can find what they need, exactly when they need it. Employees can effectively collaborate on projects, without having to sift through physical documents.


3. Be a leader in your industry, not a laggard: Digitalization across industries is inevitable. We no longer live in a society where digital business is a separate entity from business—organizations must accept that digital business is a blending of the physical and digital worlds. With that perspective, document automation is not only a sensible next step; it’s a necessity for businesses to remain leaders in their industries. Organizations that are proactive with digital transformation, rather than reactive to the changes occurring around them, will be the new leaders of their industries.

In our digital age, it is no longer profitable to resist digital change. Forward-thinking leaders have recognized this, and they are personally taking charge of the digital transformations occurring in their organizations.

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