Reputation, financial strength and longevity

A list of references should be provided by the company, preferably five or more of past and present clients. Naturally the names only of satisfied customers will be provided by the company, however, try to locate customers whose names were not supplied. What is the average tenure? Longevity will help answer this.

Quality Guaranteed

One of the most important factors to understand about a service company is whether it guarantees the quality of its work. The contract with the company should state specifically the scanning must be able to pass specific test to qualify for whatever life expectancy rating the customer needs.

Turnaround time and back up facilities

The companies ability to meet deadlines can be determined through a simple pilot test. Send a representative mix of good and poor-quality documents to each service bureau in consideration. How quickly can the company handle corrections? Does it have a backup plan in case of equipment breakdowns? Do they provide a reliable pickup and delivery service.

Tour the facilities

Touring the facilities can reveal how the company is run as a production operation and whether or not it has all the equipment it claims to have. The facility should be clean and orderly. It should be easy to see if the employees are working in an environment that is conductive to efficiency and if the client’s jobs are being handled with the care they deserve.

Privacy and integrity of data

Finding out how many people will be handling the material and if precautions are in place to ensure that discretion is proactive and enforced rigidly for the customer. Protective storage should be provided in the service bureau’s facilities. The user’s records must be protective from loss or damage while they are processed. After the records are recorded, the service company should have some means of adequately disposing of them if they are not to be returned to the customer. The service company should have a security and fire system and should also be bonded or insured against loss of records by theft, fire, etc.

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