Paperless Accounts Receivable Automation

Paperless Accounts Receivable Automation and Document Management Solutions

For organizations that rely on transactions from a large customer base, anything that can better manage accounts receivable represents improved cash flow. Reducing DSO enables organizations to potentially borrow less, and improves their overall balance sheets. A key component to managing accounts receivable is keeping track of inbound payments, customer communications and account balances. All of these communications can generate quite a bit of paperwork. The various documents that track the interactions with your customer can be critical for maintaining good customer service, as well as balancing risk if the customer wishes to change their credit arrangements.American Micro understands the sensitive nature of accounts receivable, and can implement a solution that provides visibility throughout the process.

We can create systems that tie your contracts to your A/R reports to the collection communications from your customer service department. You can track where your customer is in their payment process, as well as create automatic notifications to your sales staff and customers when payment is not received. In addition, having all communications in a single electronic repository provides your credit department the ability to evaluate risk easily and quickly. The goal is to enable your team to focus their time and effort on the largest A/R opportunities. Whether as a cloud solution or on premise, either with your staff or ours, we can craft a solution that best meets your needs.