Adding Intelligent Automation to Your HR Department Improves Processes!

Intelligent Automation
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What if you could reduce the amount of time your HR employees waste manually managing employee records by implementing one system? You can enhance records management by adding intelligent automation processes and increase the security of sensitive data while saving the entire organization money.
Intelligently Automate Processes.

Are you spending hours manually typing in employee information? Too often, HR employees spend more time managing paper then they do managing their people. You can easily implement RPA, AI, and IA solutions to automatically digitize, manage, route, and store all your records’ allowing your employees to get back to what really matters—the people they manage.

Comply with HIPAA Regulations.

Are your files protected in accordance with federal regulations? Under HIPAA, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be kept secure at all times. You can make sure your employee’s records are safely protected under multiple layers of security to ensure sensitive information is safe from prying eyes.

Ease Records Management.

Did you know all employee records have standard federal retention requirements? Trying to manually keep track of what documents need saving and what doesn’t is a time-consuming process. You can setup automatic retention periods to ensure employee records are not deleted early or held too long, saving the organization time.

Save Money by Moving to the Cloud.

How much money are you spending on managing employee records? Free yourself from hardware, software, and other IT related expenses by moving to the cloud. With ImageSilo, you can turn capital expenses into tax-deductible operating expenses saving the entire organization money.

Protect Sensitive Data.

Are your employees records safe if disaster struck? Paper files are vulnerable to theft, loss, and natural disasters. You can electronically protect your files ensuring you are always protected safely, allowing you to recover from any disaster quickly, no matter the cause.

Integrate Seamlessly.

Do you work with various line-of-business applications or other external systems? Manually managing employee records across various systems is a time-consuming, inefficient process. Digitech’s software comes with easy to use point-and-click integrations that make it easy to join various systems together to further enhance employee productivity.

“PaperVision Enterprise is fantastic! Now that our student and staff records have been converted to electronic format, we can ensure we are 100% in compliance with federal regulations and all our records are safe from theft, loss, and natural disaster.”

– Dr. Troy Whalen, Superintendent, Cook County School District #104

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