Paperless Accounts Payable Automation

An Automated AP System can save you time and money.

Have you ever wondered how many errors in your Accounts Payable system are mysteriously swept under the rug? Invoices go missing, incorrect information is reported and all of a sudden there’s a huge bill due that you didn’t know about.

It makes you wonder if your accounting staff is unqualified, ineffective or incompetent!

If you encounter AP issues even occasionally, you may want to consider AP automation. There’s a misconception that automating is an expensive process. With today’s cloud-based storage, scanning invoices, electronic routing to be processed and easily pulling details to share with your ERP system delivers a high ROI and significant reduction in errors. Automated processing is a painless system of standardized steps that reduces delays, hard to find manual errors and minimizes manual exceptions.

Some of our clients prefer to do the scanning themselves. Others prefer to have all their payments sent to a secure lockbox where we pick up and process every week day. Wouldn’t you love the option of more easily managing your cash flow because you can see day-to- day changes?