Why You Should Be Using Business Process Automation

Replace Repetitive Tasks With Automatic Workflows

Are you 100% confident about every line item on your P&L Statement or General Ledger? Do you find yourself balking at the labor costs of data entry? Does it seem like costs are up, profit is down and errors in billing keep cropping up? If so, you aren’t alone—most businesses who rely on manual input for data entry encounter these same issues. We find that customers who take advantage of workflow automation in their processes see a big difference in productivity, efficiency and especially in their bottom line.

We find that any business process can be automated. The question to answer then becomes, “Which processes are most helpful to automate?” To help answer that question, below are some examples of common workflow & automation projects which we have worked on in the past.

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  • Manage Document Storage and Retrieval
  • Easy Accounts Payable Workflows
  • Automate Marketing Database Updates
  • Digitize Inbound Mail & Replace Your Mailroom
  • Or, ask about Fully Customized Solutions

Sometimes the idea of using technology to manage critical business elements like invoice routing or compliance can be overwhelming. You don’t need to worry about the HOW. Right now, consider the WHY. The simple answer is…so you can see upgrades in productivity and ROI!

Document Management

Despite how far business tech has come in recent years, paper documents are still the lifeblood of most organizations’ core efforts. The field of business process automation deals primarily with the challenge of how to convert this data into a computer-usable format If you or any of your employees are spending time copying data from one place to another, you are wasting time AND money!

In order to stay competitive today, businesses must find ways to trim overhead and raise the bottom line at the same time. As of 2020, labor costs are at an all-time high while computers are faster than ever. The value of automation and the increased efficiency of computer-controlled workflows has never been more obvious!

The tools used for this challenge include top-of-the-line document management software and scanning devices utilizing Optical Character Recognition/OCR. OCR supercharges the workflow process by replacing slow, labor-intensive manual data entry with quick and effortless automation.

Automatic Accounts Payable

Paper invoices can become costly and problematic quickly with issues ranging from simple entry errors to serious mishandling of sensitive information.  By automating the process of scanning paper invoices, you will optimize your business’s time and labor expenses while also providing your staff instant access to all of the financial data they need.

Most choose to outsource the paper scanning, indexing and record storage required for automation, however many choose to bring the entire operation in-house.

Automate Marketing Database Updates

The CRM/marketing database is the absolute center of any marketing campaign, the singular most important resource for any sales-based organization…after the employees themselves, of course.

Your sales funnel should be treated like an exclusive club where the members are all VIPs, but in order to do that you have to make sure you’re treating your incoming data like a VIP, too. Automate your CRM membership/accounts updates by utilizing simple e-forms, powerful workflows and document management software and you won’t even need to hire a “bouncer”!

Data enters your organization in an uncountable number of ways and it makes your head spin trying to keep track of it. Let American Micro bring our 63 years of document management experience to bear on your database challenges and find out what your database solutions are, today!

Digitize Inbound Mail

Inbound mail processing costs can exceed $20 per piece before they arrive at their final destination. Most of these costs are hidden within other line items like document storage, data entry, filing, record retrieval and labor. Digitization of paper mail allows an organization to eliminate much of the aforementioned costs by allowing the important information to be automatically extracted from invoices, checks, billing statements, etc. The data within can be sent directly to a financial system, CRM database or any key contacts in your organization for instant processing.

Many also choose to take advantage of our 63 years’ experience in document management by forwarding their inbound mail directly to American Micro for digitization and distribution.  Our team of highly-skilled Project Managers and Data Extraction Experts are able to quickly and efficiently retrieve key information from inbound mail, allowing you to refocus your employee efforts on tasks which are revenue-generating while also reducing overhead.