How Does Business Process Automation Help with Compliance?

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What if you could ensure your organizations’ medical records and patient information are being protected in accordance with HIPAA regulations? With digitech you can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all your data in one easy-to-use electronic system, making HIPAA compliance a breeze.

Manage Records Electronically:

Is ensuring HIPAA compliance a challenge for your healthcare organization? HIPAA requires organizations to securely and electronically manage, protect, and store patient records. ImageSilo offers cost-effective cloud storage that allows you to easily convert all paper records to electronic files, enabling you to be HIPAA compliant.

Securely Protect PHI:

Are your patient records secure? Under HIPAA regulations, PHI must be electronically protected to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all patient information. Digitech provides extensive security and encryption settings to ensure patient data remains secure while in transmission and at rest.

Intelligently Capture PHI:

Is your organization still collecting patient information by hand? Manual data entry can be an unsecured and error-prone process, leaving you vulnerable to a HIPAA violation. You can utilize IA to automatically extract, and index patient records to streamline medical record processing.

Unify Multiple Systems:

Are your medical and patient records located in different systems? Manually managing patient information across various platforms can leave sensitive information vulnerable to theft. Easily integrate your existing EHR system to ensure sensitive information remains safe.

Quickly Process Claims:

How much time does it take your organization to submit healthcare claims? PaperVision Capture offers optional business rules that allow you to verify claims against the national database before automatically generating the correct ANSI 837 output to save you time and money when submitting claims for payment.

Send PHI Electronically:

How long does it take your organization to respond to patient requests for information? Under HIPAA, patients can ask for electronic copies of their medical records. You can securely share information electronically with external parties, ensuring information requests can be responded to quickly.

“With the help of PaperVision Capture and PaperVision Enterprise, we’re able to ensure the protection of more than 10,000 medical records. Plus, we are better able to comply with HIPAA because vulnerable information is no longer just sitting in drawers. This has saved us more than $259,000 annually!”

-Mary Peelan, Director of Health Information Services, Mental Health Center Denver

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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance
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Do you still have paper records? If so, you may be in danger of costly fines. Healthcare providers must secure Protected Health Information (PHI), exchange data electronically, and protect patient information to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The regulations are meant to improve the security and efficiency of the healthcare system. Healthcare providers, insurance companies, business associates, and anyone who handles medical information – including employers – must comply with HIPAA.

Healthcare Impact

You can avoid costly penalties for noncompliance by converting from paper records to a secure, electronic system. The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules further create a need for administrative, physical and technical safeguards. Healthcare Information Technology (health IT) helps you to:

Enables HIPAA Compliance

Your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system may not be enough for HIPAA compliance. Enterprise Content Management allows you to enhance efficiency by managing all data in a single system, to securely control records and to save money. Managing both health and business records electronically creates a single, fully efficient system provides a cost-effective answer to compliance challenges.

Enhance Efficiency with an Electronic Document System

As required by regulations, all health records must be managed electronically, and all disclosures of PHI must be documented. Managing both health and business records electronically creates a single, fully efficient system, giving you the ability to quickly and easily access information, and to effortlessly prove secure disclosure processes.

  • Capture and index health, accounting, insurance and other records quickly and accurately.
  • Grant secure, temporary, electronic access for external parties, such as insurance providers and external practices.
  • Automatically generate claims in the 837P HIPAA output format without coding.

“Widespread use of Health IT within the healthcare industry will improve the quality of healthcare, prevent medical errors, reduce healthcare costs, increase administrative efficiencies, decrease paperwork, and expand access to affordable healthcare. It is imperative that the privacy and security of electronic health information be ensured as this information is maintained and transmitted electronically.”


Control Privacy Through Data Security

You are obligated to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all patient information. Medical records must be protected from intrusion, and companies must control who accesses protected data. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) added a rule to HIPAA expanding individual patient rights. With the addition, patients can now ask for a copy of their medical records in electronic format. Providing the tools to address these compliance concerns and meet your patient’s needs.

  • Hide PHI to protect patient privacy when a document is shared.
  • Restrict access through extensive security settings to ensure only information necessary for the task can be viewed.
  • Audit information instantly for every disclosure and know when and how records were retrieved.

Save Money by Unifying Records Systems

HIPAA requires you to securely store information, which can become costly. Simplifying records management and saving money by bringing information in multiple formats, including electronic files, paper documents, and email, into a single system for secure management. The HHS ruling increases enforcement and penalties for noncompliance up to $1.5 million per violation.

  • Switch from a capital expense to an operating expense with ImageSilo® and save valuable funds and resources.
  • Reduce the cost of records management and storage by converting paper records to secure electronic files, and automatically extracting key data.

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Business Process Automation Solutions Support Healthcare Compliance.

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Healthcare providers can use PSIGEN solutions for capture and workflow and remain compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Healthcare administration needs are highly complex, in part due to the regulations every healthcare provider must comply with by law. The healthcare industry faces some of the most stringent regulations, and for good reason. Doctor’s offices and hospitals house a wide range of personal information for each patient they care for, including medical records, patient insurance information, social security numbers, home addresses and more. The protection of this information is vital, and therefore the regulations imposed on the industry are very thorough. The main regulatory law healthcare facilities deal with is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act( HIPAA ). The law always requires health care providers and organizations to follow procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of protected health information.

So where does PSIGEN come into play when it comes to healthcare regulations? PSIGEN products have been carefully developed to meet the regulations imposed on many industries, including healthcare. At PSIGEN, we understand that remaining compliant is crucial to ensuring a bright future for healthcare providers. HIPAA compliance is not only the law, but it’s also a way for healthcare professionals to demonstrate to their patients that they take their care seriously.

Here are the main ways PSIGEN’s document capture and data extraction tools help healthcare providers to remain HIPAA compliant:

  • PSIcapture provides integration with ECM security, allowing users to apply document security and prevent unauthorized personnel from viewing or editing content.
  • Administrators can track the processing of documents to ensure information is being handled in a compliant manner.
  • The software can automatically route important patient information to the provider’s information system, so there’s never a concern that patient information might get into the hands of unauthorized users.
  • Patient information can be consolidated into one searchable repository, which improves access for authorized users and allows for a quick and secure way for patients to view their health information.
  • PSIcapture allows you to standardize file naming and metadata structure for easy organization and retrieval of documents.
  • Authorized users can maintain and ensure integrity of documents through robust Quality Assurance and Validation features.
  • PSIcapture can integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and your facility will remain compliant, with no hiccups in security.

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5 Ways Document Capture Can Improve Healthcare Administration

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Healthcare Files
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Reduce costs, eliminate manual tasks and improve care quality with PSIGEN

Healthcare administration is a costly business. According to a study by Health Affairs, administrative costs make up roughly 25% of total hospital expenditures—or around $200 billion—in the US, and that number is increasing. What’s more disheartening is that the high administrative costs don’t correlate to better quality healthcare—meaning this money is more of an unnecessary waste than an investment in good healthcare. The American Medical Association (AMA) estimates that a majority of doctors still use paper to request insurance authorization for procedures and referrals, and 83% still use traditional fax machines to do so.

The problem with this, of course, is that those excess costs have to be absorbed somewhere, meaning either the patient or their health insurance company will ultimately end up with the bill. It would be fair to deduce that a significant part of this administrative problem is due to inefficiencies in the processes. But how do you combat inefficiency in such a heavily-regulated, highly complex field like healthcare?

One way to start is by streamlining document processes to reduce unnecessary manual work, such as pre-sorting documents before scanning and manually entering data into the content management system. Here are 5 ways PSIGEN’s document capture and data extraction solutions can help streamline these processes for a hospital, doctor’s office or other healthcare facility:

  1. Auto-import documents:

    PSIcapture’s auto-import function monitors hot folders for new documents and automatically imports them into the PSIcapture workflow, eliminating the need for setup prior to scanning.

  2. Automatically classify and extract data:

    Truly automate and streamline the capture processes with PSIcapture’s Classification module, featuring the cutting-edge Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE). ACE can access existing databases to automatically classify never-before-seen document types and perform data extraction. This saves hours of time that used to be required to configure a workflow.

  3. Standardize naming conventions and organization:

    Standardization is a key component of administrative efficiency. PSIcapture allows you to determine a document and file-naming system so that your captured documents will be easy to find once they are routed to the repository.

  4. Automatically process important forms, such as patient surveys:

    The Affordable Care Act requires many healthcare facilities to gather patient feedback in the form of surveys. This has created a burden on these facilities to process this information in a timely manner to comply with regulations and maintain their funding. PSIcapture’s processing tools, including Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) for reading check boxes and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for recognizing handwritten text can greatly speed up the processing of these surveys and reduce the manual labor burden on administrative staff.

  5. Distributed indexing and validation:

    PSIGEN’s browser-based indexing product, PSIfusion, can be used to simplify the process of validating various documents, such as pharmaceutical orders. Captured documents are routed from PSIcapture into a PSIfusion queue, where authorized personnel can access them, validate them and route them on to whatever EMR system or repository is used by the facility.

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Healthcare: Real-World Applications.

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Healthcare Organizations
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How can PSIGEN be used to simplify healthcare organizations processes?

The healthcare industry is inundated with information, and there are a variety of areas within healthcare that deal with different types of information. For instance, on the administrative side, healthcare organizations house patient records, insurance information and patient satisfaction surveys, among other things. On the financial side are medical claims, billing documentation and invoice processing. On the educational side, there’s the paper trail that follows medical providers including doctors, nurses and future doctors throughout their academic career. This wide variety of information within the industry leads to a wealth of opportunity for implementing document management solutions. Here are just a few ways PSIGEN has been used by healthcare organizations to streamline their processes, cut costs and increase efficiency:

Automate the processing of physicians’ orders.

PSIGEN’s technology allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to streamline physicians’ orders to quickly fulfill STAT orders, eliminate the problem of lost orders and reduce staff’s reliance on paper processes. PSIcapture’s ability to import documents from any scanner provides healthcare facilities with an easy way to import documents into the workflow. Orders can be scanned in from various locations using dedicated scanners, MFPs or fax servers, and quickly routed into PSIcapture. PSIcapture can perform a database lookup to match the order to an existing patient, then route the order to a folder or ERP system for easy access by authorized users.

Simplify claims processing.

PSIcapture allows users to scan claims from any scanning device or import them from fax servers or network folders. PSIcapture’s powerful Classification module can assign classification to the various form types, eliminating the need for manual sorting prior to scan time. The Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) can automate this process further by classifying never-before-seen document types, meaning no time-consuming configuration process is required. Authorized users can validate indexed claim data and perform any necessary quality assurance on the documents. Captured documents can then be automatically routed to the ERP system for processing.

Read about Western Health Advantage’s claims processing system with PSIcapture.

Process surveys efficiently.

Patient satisfaction surveys are of major importance to the healthcare industry. To ensure quality care is being provided and to comply with federal regulations, patient surveys must be processed in a timely manner. PSIcapture’s Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities provide for fast, efficient processing of patient surveys.
Without an efficient workflow to ensure quality of care, healthcare organizations may face delayed or reduced payment for services.

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Healthcare Paperwork Automation

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An automated healthcare document solution that leaves time for more important things.

Between medical history forms, patient charts, HIPAA forms and insurance claims, there seems to be no end to the legions of paper those who work in the medical field must deal with. PSIcapture provides a fast, efficient way to create electronic patient records and integrates with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems.

Automate Processes to Improve Efficiency

PSIcapture’s auto-import functionality allows users to scan documents from multiple locations to monitored network folders. The documents are then automatically imported into PSIcapture for processing. Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) parses through the document’s text to find specific key terms and expressions in order to automatically extract information. Database searches provide automated validation of indexed data by integrating with your existing database systems. PSIcapture is compatible with more than 60 ECMs, providing seamless migration to whatever system you use for storing records.

Automate Classification & Data Extraction to Reduce Manual Tasks

PSIcapture’s Classification module allows for the automatic classification of documents based on configurable document types. This feature makes scanning various types of medical claims, patient record forms and insurance forms easy, as the software will automatically recognize the form type and classify it accordingly. Classification is also equipped with the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE), which allows users to create custom form definitions on the fly. ACE can also connect to your existing databases to automatically perform classification and data extraction—all the user has to do is verify the results. That way, if a new type of form is scanned that your PSIcapture configuration doesn’t recognize, you can easily update it without disrupting the workflow.

Comply with HIPAA Regulations

HIPAA compliance is central to the success of any healthcare organization. With PSIGEN, you can be confident that your documents are secure. PSIcapture provides integration with ECM security, allowing users to apply document security and prevent unauthorized personnel from viewing or editing content. Administrators can also track the processing of documents to ensure information is being handled in a compliant manner. PSIcapture provides a way to standardize file naming and metadata structure so you can easily organize and retrieve documents, and automatic document routing moves your documents seamlessly into your repository.

Automatically Process Patient Surveys & Other Forms

PSIcapture makes integration with your ECM or Case Management System easy. We provide migrations to more than 60 systems, including several geared for the legal industry, including Concordance, Summation and Worldox.

PSIGEN provides numerous solutions for organizations in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re a hospital, health insurance provider, private medical practice or medical claims processor, PSIGEN can provide your organization with the tools to simplify and improve your document processes.

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