By converting microfilm to digital documents and implementing a Digitech Systems’ PaperVision Enterprise solution, the District Clerk’s office now manages information electronically for improved efficiency at an annual cost savings of $141,800.

Using the management system, the clerk’s office retrieves judicial records in seconds. All seven employees can search for, view and print documents from the convenience of their desks. By managing information electronically, each staff member saves five hours per week in file searching, which saves taxpayers $140,000 in productivity each year.

Today, the clerk’s office improves their public service and satisfies customers more quickly. They can go to the office and use the two designated public computers to access PaperVision Enterprise and quickly pinpoint the documents they need.

“PaperVision Enterprise is so intuitive that we don’t have to train the public to search and retrieve records. They can just come in and help themselves. It’s easier than the public library, because the document pops up right there on the screen.”

-Linda Uecker, Kerr County District Clerk

Now that employees can securely send archived documents electronically, the District Clerk’s office has provided another convenient option for the public to find and receive records remotely. Instead of making a special trip to the courthouse, they simply search the published archive index online, call the office, request a unique document number, provide their credit card information and have the document emailed to them. Uecker says that the documents are so accessible that they have seen an increase in the demand for information. Over the past two years, revenue from information requests that cost $1 per page has increased by about $2,500.

When the courts seal and secure documents from public access, the office no longer needs to rewrite rolls of microfilm, saving the county $1,800 annually. “With one click, the documents are secure and inaccessible. The public can’t even see that those records are there,” said Uecker.

Since the implementation of PaperVision Enterprise, Uecker was able to remove the three microfilm machines, open 144 square feet of office space and make room for the growing number of pending case files, which are kept in paper format until they can be scanned and loaded into PaperVision Enterprise.

Best of all, PaperVision Enterprise saves the District Clerk’s office and the public hours of searching through hundreds of rolls of microfilm and enables everyone to identify and print clear copies of important permanent records in a matter of seconds.

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