Prep Work

In a perfect world, the documents we scan would always be perfectly flat, in order, right-side up and not coffee-stained. In the real world, important business documents come from any number of sources, they come loaded in any type of container and they come ordered Laissez-faire.

Typically, before scanning, documents must be prepped in a number of ways.  Any staples, paperclips or other items which might damage the scanners need to be removed.  Corners need to be unfolded and, unless you’re utilizing smart capture software like PSIGEN to auto-rotate/auto-flip the scanned images, the pages must all be facing the same direction and arranged right-side up.

Additionally, at times it is easier to identify where documents begin and end manually. In those cases, prep work includes inserting barcoded sheets between documents in order to have the scanner correctly break at the end of each document.

This type of work and the costs associated are oftentimes overlooked when considering a scanning project and this can negatively impact the ROI of the project. For this reason, prep is one of the areas where companies find the most value in outsourcing as scanning and document management companies like American Micro are proud to employ a highly skilled prep team—boasting employee tenure twice the average!

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