Digital Mail Room Solutions

Keeping your Company Mail Room Organized

Baffled by the volume of snail mail that still arrives in your company mail room every day? Imagine how the staffers dealing with volumes of paper feel about routing everything to the right department. Then imagine each department handling the paper again.

Does that seem efficient? With a digital mail room solution from American Micro, your staff gets back to work doing all the important things that make your business great!

We employ a team of people who are experts in sorting, scanning and processing all kinds of documents. From recording payments to scanning invoice to routing documents to the appropriate department, we can get the job done quickly every day.

Ultimately, the ability to execute the workflow steps of your business process, either in the cloud or internally, can improve productivity. Being able to access your work from any internet connection makes taking action even easier.

Whether you need help for a short time or long term, American Micro offers an easy solution for managing your mail room in a high tech world!