Digital Mail Room Solutions

Keeping Your Company’s Mail Room Organized and Clear of Clutter!

Ever “missed” a past due invoice because your mail room has gotten out of control?  What about the audit notice from the IRS or a huge check that would have had a significant impact on your cash flow? With our digital mail room solutions, you no longer need to worry!  Here’s how it works:

  1. We pick up your mail from a secure lock box or have it delivered by your staff.
  2. Our bonded staff members open the mail then sort by your designated categories.
  3. Our staff then scans the mail and routes to the proper department or employee, records payments and initiates processing of critical documents.

This is a simple solution for companies with a large mail volume and a leaner staff!  Imagine having all your employees doing the work you hired them to do instead of opening and sorting loads of mail!  Your accounting staff gets better because there are fewer errors.  Your cash flow is no longer dependent on finding something that was “in the mail” a month ago.  Best of all, you have the peace of mind that sensitive mail will never be seen by an employee who shouldn’t see it.

Digital mail room solutions is an affordable choice to begin managing the piles of mail.  We’re happy to evaluate your situation to see if we can help! Call us today!

Ultimately, the ability to execute the workflow steps of your business process, either in the cloud or internally, can improve productivity. Being able to access your work from any internet connection makes taking action even easier.

Whether you need help for a short time or long term, American Micro offers an easy solution for managing your mail room in a high tech world!