Do you get overwhelmed with all the paper records that go with incoming and outgoing shipments and trying to reconcile that with the invoice? To get back in the game – or to simply STAY in the game – distributors must utilize technology and process improvement systems to minimize errors and maintain net profit. The good news is that there’s help!

A custom solution for document management which allows for more efficient work flow and information sharing is now one of the key drivers for cost containment. When certain functions are automated, accuracy in reporting occurs easily and quickly, allowing you to strategically plan for maximum productivity.

As experts in business process automation, AMC is committed to developing a solid solution that will support your distribution operation. Every company is different and that’s why we spend 8-16 hours evaluating your current processes before making a recommendation. And that’s why we’ve been helping companies like yours since 1958!

What is Document

Document management is the processes of handling documents in a way that enables them to be created, shared, organized, stored and retrieved efficiently and effectively. Download American Micro’s white paper on Document Management.
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