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Shape minds don’t shuffle papers.

Education is an industry that is constantly dealing with paper records.

Whether you’re dealing with a K-12 school district, a local community college or a large university, your school could greatly benefit from the document capture and data extraction solution provided by PSIGEN’s document solutions.

Streamline Records Management

Educational institutions bear the burden of keeping a large volume of information on file. From student transcripts and enrollment forms to test results and financial aid information, each student has an abundance of information associated with him/her. And it all must be kept on file. With the high volume of data that must be kept on record, schools can easily fall behind on processing applications and keeping student files up to date.

Automate Financials

Higher education institutions have a lot to deal with when it comes to financials. Funds move in the form of tuition, fees, grants and gifts, and they move out through faculty and staff pay, research, academic support costs and school-sponsored scholarships. The result is a copious number of documents and associated data being filtered through the school’s financial department every day.

Distribute Information

With an organization as diversified as an educational institution, how do you easily centralize data? With information coming into various departments, such as Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid and Human Resources, documents and information are scattered across campus, and they all need to be processed and stored in a meaningful way that creates easy and secure access for those who need it.

The Limestone College Solution

“When I show the solution to other departments and other universities, ‘wow’ is the most common word used to describe the solution. People are knocking on my door asking to be the next adopters.”

– Adam Long, Associate VP for Information Technology, Limestone College

PSIcapture for Education

  • Scanning files from any MFP or network scanner, or importing digital files from any format
  • Conveniently managing student records by converting them to digital files that can be stored in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.
  • Reducing costs associated with paper processing, such as printing, storing records in file cabinets, and searching for and replacing lost documents.
  • Improving student experience by transforming the process of accessing information from a complicated paper shuffle to a quick and easy search on a digital repository.
  • Easily processing and record results from Scan-tron tests, surveys or other human-marked forms with Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology.
  • Connecting with your existing database to easily classify forms and extract data from documents.


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