Education Document Management & Imaging

Paperless Document Solutions for Education

We know you don’t need a lesson on FERPA, but some educators are still struggling with the system that will get their school to compliance. There’s no reason to put your school at risk of losing Federal or State funding!

To comply, schools are investing in technologies to help them:

  • Efficiently store and access electronic documents.
  • Meet FERPA requirements by improving control of student records.
  • Save money by reducing costs and avoiding fines.

AMC offers an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – a comprehensive records system that manages virtually any student document. Schools can easily control large amounts of information while simplifying document security and enhancing productivity for both faculty and staff.

Administrators can easily retrieve records in seconds and distribute documents with ease. Your responsibility to provide current and past students with their records within 45 days of a request is no longer a problem with our solution!

  • Enhance efficiency and facilitate timely responses with powerful search capabilities that locate information in seconds.
  • Enable administrators to easily share annual FERPA notices with an unlimited number of students using secure distribution capabilities.

You can also utilize our enterprise solution to assist in proactively guarding against unauthorized access. This allows you to limit access and maintain control over system availability with flexible user rights. Additionally, document security enables you to restrict access to student data and to ensure that only the necessary documents needed to perform job functions are viewed.

Under FERPA, schools must account for each record released, document the reasons the information was shared and show who received it. This careful records management and documented disclosure process can become costly. The technology we use as part of the overall solution simplifies disclosure documentation and saves money.

  • Document grants allow secure, temporary, web-based access to student records for those who prefer to receive information electronically, saving you money on distribution.
  • Our cloud based solution allows you to save on capital investments in hardware, software or IT resources.

Many different departments in the education system can benefit greatly from document management. Such as:

Financial aid

With document management you can award financial aid in a shorter amount of time. With more applicants and less budget, your financial aid team needs a fast, efficient way to cut the time and cost it takes to evaluate applications and get Financial Aid packages out sooner.


From managing class schedules and lists, to registration requests and transcript auditing, to record retrieval and verification, every Registrar’s Office struggles to keep up. With document management the Registrar’s Office can now achieve tasks that they were not able to complete before the document management solution.

Athletic departments

Athletic departments can easily keep track of student’s physical forms and any concerns or illnesses that the student may have.


Teachers will be able to keep grades more secure and will easily be able to look at any test/homework/quiz that they need quickly without having to shuffle through all the papers.

The education system would benefit greatly from the document management system since they are always trying to keep students up to date with the new technology. With the document management system you can be assured that students will be prepared for the workforce and the technological advances for the future.