Do you get frustrated that you still have to retrieve the actual paper job file that goes with your CAD drawings? As leading innovators, engineering firms generally understand the need for improved business processes. However, those that are still operating in an all-paper environment may have fallen behind. If your firm hasn’t made the move to AP Automation and cloud-based document sharing, it’s time to make a change!

AMC has solutions for handling virtually all paper that flows through your firm. From systems that allow for shared drafts to processes that help you manage compliance to automation that decreases billing errors, your firm will see increased efficiencies from the moment solution training is complete.

Competing today means a need for quick access. Your customers want answers that, with our custom business management processes, can be immediately shared from a laptop or tablet while you’re sitting in their office. No more waiting for a staffer to find the right document and send it to you!

What is Document

Document management is the processes of handling documents in a way that enables them to be created, shared, organized, stored and retrieved efficiently and effectively. Download American Micro’s white paper on Document Management.
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