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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law designed to preserve the privacy and accuracy of student educational records. In addition, it provides students with various rights regarding how that information is used and disclosed. To maintain compliance, schools are looking for solutions to help them guard against unauthorized access.

  • Intelligently locate student records in seconds with keyword searches from any location, at any time to facilitate timely responses to requests.
  • Securely send student records electronically to improve the speed of requests for information.
  • Leverage our patented artificial intelligence (AI) engine to recognize and sort student records automatically.
  • Ensure FERPA requirements are being maintained by securely managing and storing student records electronically.
  • Restrict access and maintain control of student records to ensure that only the necessary documents are being disclosed.
  • Simplify your disaster recovery strategy using electronic files and cloud-based storage.
  • Enable administrators to easily share annual FERPA notices or copies of records with students in seconds, saving money on operational expenses.
  • Reduce operational expenses by eliminating hardware and IT costs by managing records in the cloud.
  • Turn document storage space into instructional space and student services.

“The term “education records” is defined as those records that contain information directly related to a student and which are maintained by an educational agency or institution or by a party acting for the agency or institution.”

-U.S. Department of Education

How Does Digitech Help with FERPA Compliance?

What if you could reduce the amount of time and money your school or university spends on managing student records? To ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act regulations, simplify records management, and improve the productivity of the entire office.

Securely Manage Student Records.
Are your files protected in accordance with federal regulations? Under FERPA schools must securely store and manage student records. You can reduce operational expenses by eliminating hardware and IT costs by managing records in the cloud.

Notify Parents and Students Easily
Is notifying parents and students of their rights a time-consuming manual process? Under FERPA schools must notify parents and students yearly of their rights or when certain information is disclosed. You can setup notifications that are automatically sent out on a pre-defined or annual schedule.

Respond to Requests Quickly
Are you tired of spending hours responding to student records requests? FERPA mandates that all requests be fulfilled within 45 days. Powerful search functions that allow you to locate and send information electronically in seconds. Improve the speed of information requests and ensure you stay in compliance.

Easily Maintain Audit Trails
Can you account for who has viewed or had access to every student record? Under FERPA, schools must account for each student record released, shared, and requested. Document tracking is automatically applied making audits a breeze, saving you valuable time and money.

Safe from Disaster
Are your students records safe if disaster struck? Electronically protect files from loss, theft, cyber-criminals, and natural disasters. You know your files are always protected safely in the cloud, allowing you to recover from any disaster quickly.

Integrate Seamlessly
Do you work with multiple systems? Make complying with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act simple by combining multiple systems. With easy to use point-and-click integrations that make it quick to integrate student record information with other line-of-business applications.

“Now that our records are stored electronically, we maintain better compliance with FERPA, and student information is ultimately more secure. Thanks to PaperVision Enterprise, document tracking is applied automatically giving us better control of our records.”

-Janine Gruhn, Director of Special Education Secondary Programs and Compliance Waukegan Public Schools

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