Have you ever considered upgrading, replacing or converting paper processes to digital? If so, you might have made the mistake of deciding “it just isn’t in the budget” without being able to see the whole picture! The overwhelming chance is that if you have come to the stage where you find yourself considering whether an upgrade would be cost-effective, there’s almost certainly already a business process automation solution that fits the bill.


Innovations in business technology always outpace widespread adoption. Without the right information, it can be easy to make the mistake of thinking critical redesign too costly, even if the current method is slow or at times unreliable.

We find that education is our greatest ally in overcoming challenges for clients. Our most loyal customers are those who have discovered what is possible through utilizing intelligent workflows in everyday business processes and then realized they could use those concepts in other areas as well!

The most common ways of converting paper processes to digital for our customers typically fall under the categories of Inbound Mail Digitization, Accounts Payable and Invoice/Form processing.


No matter what type of business process challenge you face, the first questions are the same:

  1. What are the important fields? In other words, what data is important in the documents you use? (In a databasedata is stored in fields to be accessed later)
  2. Which employees are necessary to the success of the process?

Everything that follows is a matter of having the technical how-to, hardware, software and a team capable of setting up and maintaining those systems for the capture, indexing, OCR, workflow management and database storage of document data.

Whether you have those resources available or not, your best bet will be to contact American Micro or another automation specialist and discuss your unique situation in order to determine if the best value for you would be an in-house implementation or to outsource converting your processes to digital.

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