Government Document Management & Imaging

Paperless Government Document Management

In 2001, when the government began encouraging agencies to give citizens easier access to conducting business with you, chances are you rolled your eyes and thought, “oh good, another initiative that I need to fund.” The pressure to implement a secure public access system was overwhelming back then!

We digitize documents, Index Books, create microfilm, and provide imaging software and scanners for dozens of Cities and Counties across Missouri and Kansas. Here are some of the offices we currently partner with:

Circuit/Court Clerks:

  • Civil, Domestic, Modification Case Files
  • Criminal, Juvenile, Probate Association Files
  • Closing Documents
  • Admin Expenses

Recorder of Deeds:

  • Deed/ Survey Books
  • Military Discharge, Probate, Trust/Marriage Records
  • Real Estate Deeds
  • Plat Surveys

County Collectors:

  • Land sales (certificates/records)
  • Maintenance Fund
  • Bank repurchase agreements
  • Legal filings

With all these offices have their own specific needs and criteria to be met. Compliance is a huge issue for these offices because of the private nature of the documents they have in their possession. Creating a system that has security and protection from disasters and unauthorized viewing is vital to meeting those compliance requirements. Asking more about our record retention options, document solutions and compliance specialties is only a dial away. Call our sales team today to get started.