Government Document Management & Imaging

Paperless Government Document Management

Are you still struggling with all the paper records you need to keep for a regulation while being told to automate? In 2001, when the government began encouraging agencies to give citizens easier access to conducting business with you, chances are you rolled your eyes and thought, “oh good, another initiative that I need to fund.” The pressure to implement a secure public access system was overwhelming back then!

Now, however, paper records are out and streamlined, secure document management is in. The struggle is making sure you have the right system to handle all your needs.

Our team specializes in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology that allows government agencies to manage information electronically for operational efficiency, protect information to control access and maintain regulatory compliance and ensure information accessibility to improve public services. And with your bottom line in mind, our systems also work to save you money.

From our secure cloud data storage to quick searching for documents to automated indexing and store of files, each element of the solution we recommend is designed to reduce man hours and increase productivity.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about security breaches with our system. Your secrets are safe…with you! And of course your compliance with Federal Acts like FOIA and HAS is enhanced with a custom solution from AMC.