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How can PSIGEN be used to simplify healthcare organizations processes?

The healthcare industry is inundated with information, and there are a variety of areas within healthcare that deal with different types of information. For instance, on the administrative side, healthcare organizations house patient records, insurance information and patient satisfaction surveys, among other things. On the financial side are medical claims, billing documentation and invoice processing. On the educational side, there’s the paper trail that follows medical providers including doctors, nurses and future doctors throughout their academic career. This wide variety of information within the industry leads to a wealth of opportunity for implementing document management solutions. Here are just a few ways PSIGEN has been used by healthcare organizations to streamline their processes, cut costs and increase efficiency:

Automate the processing of physicians’ orders.

PSIGEN’s technology allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to streamline physicians’ orders to quickly fulfill STAT orders, eliminate the problem of lost orders and reduce staff’s reliance on paper processes. PSIcapture’s ability to import documents from any scanner provides healthcare facilities with an easy way to import documents into the workflow. Orders can be scanned in from various locations using dedicated scanners, MFPs or fax servers, and quickly routed into PSIcapture. PSIcapture can perform a database lookup to match the order to an existing patient, then route the order to a folder or ERP system for easy access by authorized users.

Simplify claims processing.

PSIcapture allows users to scan claims from any scanning device or import them from fax servers or network folders. PSIcapture’s powerful Classification module can assign classification to the various form types, eliminating the need for manual sorting prior to scan time. The Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) can automate this process further by classifying never-before-seen document types, meaning no time-consuming configuration process is required. Authorized users can validate indexed claim data and perform any necessary quality assurance on the documents. Captured documents can then be automatically routed to the ERP system for processing.

Read about Western Health Advantage’s claims processing system with PSIcapture.

Process surveys efficiently.

Patient satisfaction surveys are of major importance to the healthcare industry. To ensure quality care is being provided and to comply with federal regulations, patient surveys must be processed in a timely manner. PSIcapture’s Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities provide for fast, efficient processing of patient surveys.
Without an efficient workflow to ensure quality of care, healthcare organizations may face delayed or reduced payment for services.

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