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Has your organization been a victim of a data breach? According to Garrett Bekker, 46% of US companies have been affected by data breaches in 2017. All businesses, no matter the size, need to take measures to help prevent attacks and have a set plan ready to go in case one does occur. No company or individual can be 100% protected from cyber security threats.

The average total cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. -Ponemon Institute, 2018 

The average cost per lost or stolen record is $148. -Ponemon Institute, 2018

The rise of cyber attacks is pushing organizations to focus on implementing cyber security to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber emergency. Your organization can protect your data with cloud-based Enterprise Content Management services, such as ImageSilo®. Learn about the five levels of security ImageSilo has to offer to ensure your information is secure at all times by clicking the image below.

Here are the 5 Levels of Security offered by Imagesilo®

  1. Transmission Security.
    • Caching routines insure stored data is never exposed to the public network.
    • Encryption protects data both during transmission and while at rest.
    • Layers of encryption ensure secure network communication.
  1. Application Security.
    • Automatic session termination ends session when idle.
    • Access is restricted to data through user, function, project and document security settings.
    • Audit trails track security controls, user, function, project and document security settings.
  1. System Security.
    • All systems are monitored 24/7.
    • Firewalls are and managed constantly monitored.
    • Intrusion-detection technology monitors all system access.
  1. Data Security.
    • Strict password requirement guidelines, including complexity, expiration dates, and two-level authentication.
    • Entity, group, user, project, function and field-level security settings
    • Data segregation ensure no company or department can access another’s data.
  1. Physical Security.
    • All physical facilities are monitored live.
    • Redundant data centers store and mirror data for protection from major disaster.
    • Access is limited to personnel who have the proper clearance.

Protecting your data internally is not an option, with today’s technology and capabilities. Securing the information of your company, clients and personnel will not only give you peace of mind but could potentially save you money in the future.

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