Are you doing business at the speed of paper? According to IDC, 62% of businesses believe slow, manual processes are limiting their revenue. Business Process Management was once seen as something nice to have but is now considered a critical part of business operations.  Integrating Business Process Management, or workflow, with an Enterprise Content Management system can dramatically improve the flow of information, saving you valuable time and money.  PaperVision® Enterprise workflow can help your organization:

  • Automate document routing through business processes like HR and AP to improve efficiency.
  • Improve information control with digital records, that never get lost or misplaced.
  • Save money by moving information more quickly to decrease labor costs.

“The abilities to process business critical activities faster, reduce error and exception rates, and gain greater visibility into operational efficiencies are seen as the greatest values gained from process improvement and automation.”

~ AIIM, Process Improvement and Automation 

Increase Efficiency with Automation.

The productivity of the entire office will benefit from process automation. In fact, 60% of businesses agree the only way to keep up with the increasing volumes of electronic content is with automation. Use Business Process Management technologies like PaperVision Enterprise workflow to route electronic information through business processes. By simply replacing a paper-based system with an electronic one you will improve efficiency.

  • Clearly define and update processes to eliminate unnecessary work-steps.
  • Automatically route documents through business processes electronically.
  • Keep track of the status of contracts, invoices, and other important documents to improve business focus.

Maintain Control by Automating Document Routing.

Is your company still manually processing documents – physically handing them off for approvals and/or obtaining physical signatures? AIIM reports that 62% of businesses report they are slow to find content because of poor content management practices. PaperVision Enterprise workflow enables organizations to control the flow of information, reducing the time it takes to process and find documents.

Instantly know where all documents are at any given time and never lose a document again.

Use electronic signatures to approve documents more quickly and easily.

Track the status of any document and re-route it automatically as needed.

“Paper Vision Enterprise workflow helps us manage millions of insurance documents for our clients. The efficiencies have allowed us to grow without adding new staff and have added hundreds of hours of new productivity to the company.”

~ Carolyn Strawn, Manager of Imaging and New Business Homesteaders Life Company

Save Money by Reducing Operational Costs.

By eliminating paper, you will see not only improved efficiency and control, but you will save money. PaperVision Enterprise workflow lets you get back to business and reduce operating expenses at the same time!

  • Reduce the cost per document processed by managing files electronically.
  • Automate document routing to reduce personnel costs.
  • Avoid process delays to reduce fines and keep business moving.
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