How will your organization stay on top of compliance issues while also achieving financial goals? In order to stay ahead of the curve, insurance companies are investing in technology to free up workforce hours and save money. Deloitte estimates that in the insurance industry alone, intelligent automation could free up anywhere between 58 and 285 million workforce hours, saving between $1.7 and $8.9 billion dollars within the next seven years. See how you can automate tasks, stay in compliance, and save money!

“Automation and advanced analytics can improve productivity of existing staff performing non-routine tasks—or could automate those tasks entirely. The potential benefits of intelligent automation go beyond cost reduction to offer decreased cycle times, flexibility and scalability, improved accuracy, and higher employee morale.”

-Deloitte Center for Financial Services

Automate Claims Processes

Is manual claims processing slowing you down and costing too much money? Utilizing our patented AI engine, PaperVision® Forms Magic, in order to streamline claims processing, eliminate human errors, and improve claims accuracy, saving your organization time.

Reduce Operating Costs

How much money is manually processing claims costing you? Manually processing claims is a time consuming, error-prone process. Digitech helps you automate manual processes by streamlining document processing—ultimately saving you money.

Intelligently Locate Information

Are you struggling to locate customer claim and policy data in a timely manner? Powerful search functions that allow you to locate information in seconds. Speed up requests and get control of your data by electronically organizing, controlling, and intelligently routing documents, no matter the location or department.

Enjoy Easy Setup

Need a system that is easy to setup and manage? Setup in hours versus days with ImageSilo®, our cloud-based service that allows you to minimize IT burden by outsourcing hardware, software, and maintenance costs. Plus, unlimited users and data storage means the system will automatically grow as your institution does.

Comply with GLBA

Is your data secure under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)? GLBA requires insurance companies to securely protect personal financial data and notify customers when it is shared. Making it possible for your organization to protect and notify them quickly and easily.

Integrate Seamlessly

Do you work with multiple systems? Combine multiple systems to simplify records management. With easy to use point-and click integrations that make it easy for you to share information with your other line-of-business applications, improving the efficiency of the whole organization.

“Thanks to PaperVision® Enterprise Workflow, document processing times have decreased, and we save 100 hours of productivity each year. Employees can see where files are in the claims process and see what work step they’re in. Changes to customers’ contact and beneficiary information are quickly processed and immediately effective.”

– Carolyn Strawn, Manager of Imaging and New Business, Homesteaders Life Company.

What if you could instantly locate customer claim data while staying in compliance with security regulations and saving money? Utilizing the latest technologies in order to digitize, manage, store, and route data while maintaining compliance, increasing security, and saving money.

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