What if you could ensure your organizations’ medical records and patient information are being protected in accordance with HIPAA regulations? With digitech you can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all your data in one easy-to-use electronic system, making HIPAA compliance a breeze.

Manage Records Electronically:

Is ensuring HIPAA compliance a challenge for your healthcare organization? HIPAA requires organizations to securely and electronically manage, protect, and store patient records. ImageSilo offers cost-effective cloud storage that allows you to easily convert all paper records to electronic files, enabling you to be HIPAA compliant.

Securely Protect PHI:

Are your patient records secure? Under HIPAA regulations, PHI must be electronically protected to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all patient information. Digitech provides extensive security and encryption settings to ensure patient data remains secure while in transmission and at rest.

Intelligently Capture PHI:

Is your organization still collecting patient information by hand? Manual data entry can be an unsecured and error-prone process, leaving you vulnerable to a HIPAA violation. You can utilize IA to automatically extract, and index patient records to streamline medical record processing.

Unify Multiple Systems:

Are your medical and patient records located in different systems? Manually managing patient information across various platforms can leave sensitive information vulnerable to theft. Easily integrate your existing EHR system to ensure sensitive information remains safe.

Quickly Process Claims:

How much time does it take your organization to submit healthcare claims? PaperVision Capture offers optional business rules that allow you to verify claims against the national database before automatically generating the correct ANSI 837 output to save you time and money when submitting claims for payment.

Send PHI Electronically:

How long does it take your organization to respond to patient requests for information? Under HIPAA, patients can ask for electronic copies of their medical records. You can securely share information electronically with external parties, ensuring information requests can be responded to quickly.

“With the help of PaperVision Capture and PaperVision Enterprise, we’re able to ensure the protection of more than 10,000 medical records. Plus, we are better able to comply with HIPAA because vulnerable information is no longer just sitting in drawers. This has saved us more than $259,000 annually!”

-Mary Peelan, Director of Health Information Services, Mental Health Center Denver

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