Healthcare providers can use PSIGEN solutions for capture and workflow and remain compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Healthcare administration needs are highly complex, in part due to the regulations every healthcare provider must comply with by law. The healthcare industry faces some of the most stringent regulations, and for good reason. Doctor’s offices and hospitals house a wide range of personal information for each patient they care for, including medical records, patient insurance information, social security numbers, home addresses and more. The protection of this information is vital, and therefore the regulations imposed on the industry are very thorough. The main regulatory law healthcare facilities deal with is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act( HIPAA ). The law always requires health care providers and organizations to follow procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of protected health information.

So where does PSIGEN come into play when it comes to healthcare regulations? PSIGEN products have been carefully developed to meet the regulations imposed on many industries, including healthcare. At PSIGEN, we understand that remaining compliant is crucial to ensuring a bright future for healthcare providers. HIPAA compliance is not only the law, but it’s also a way for healthcare professionals to demonstrate to their patients that they take their care seriously.

Here are the main ways PSIGEN’s document capture and data extraction tools help healthcare providers to remain HIPAA compliant:

  • PSIcapture provides integration with ECM security, allowing users to apply document security and prevent unauthorized personnel from viewing or editing content.
  • Administrators can track the processing of documents to ensure information is being handled in a compliant manner.
  • The software can automatically route important patient information to the provider’s information system, so there’s never a concern that patient information might get into the hands of unauthorized users.
  • Patient information can be consolidated into one searchable repository, which improves access for authorized users and allows for a quick and secure way for patients to view their health information.
  • PSIcapture allows you to standardize file naming and metadata structure for easy organization and retrieval of documents.
  • Authorized users can maintain and ensure integrity of documents through robust Quality Assurance and Validation features.
  • PSIcapture can integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and your facility will remain compliant, with no hiccups in security.

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