How Would Your Organization Improve if you Could Reduce Operational Expenses?

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The lending industry is a fast-growing and competitive landscape still trying to recover from the 2008 economic meltdown. As a result, many non-bank institutions have joined the lending game. These marketplace lenders are looking for technology solutions to help them reduce operational expenses while improving their competitive edge over traditional lending institutions. Your organization can streamline loan processing thanks to the world’s most-trusted cloud solution that can reduce operational expenses almost instantly.

“A major shift is taking place in how enterprises select their financial management applications. By 2020, 36% of enterprises will use the cloud to support more than half of their transactional systems of record.”

– Gartner, 2017

Intelligently Automate Processes

Are you tired of spending hours looking for missing loan application files? You can easily implement RPA, AI, and IA solutions to automatically digitize, manage, route, and store all your loan documents to improve productivity—increasing the efficiency of the entire organization with just one system.

Comply with Security Regulations

Are your files protected in accordance with federal regulations? Under HMDA and SOX, organizations that process loans are required to disclose how data is protected, shared, secured, and reported. Document tracking is automatically applied making audits a breeze and saving you valuable time and money.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Are you still manually processing loan applications? Eliminate time-wasting manual data entry and improve the accuracy of your data by leveraging our patented AI engine to intelligently automate your documents. PaperVision® Forms Magic will classify and extract key information from virtually any document, ensuring your data is accurate—allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Save Money by Moving to the Cloud

How much money are you spending on managing your information? Free yourself from hardware, software, and other IT related expenses by moving to the cloud. With ImageSilo, you can turn capital expenses into tax-deductible operating expenses. Plus, the system offers unlimited data storage and automatically adapts as your organization grows.

Enjoy Easy Setup

Need a system that is easy to setup and manage? With ImageSilo you can get up and running in a matter of days, not weeks. Access your information from any location, on virtually any device. Move to the cloud, improve productivity, and save the entire organization time and money.

Integrate Seamlessly

Do you work with multiple systems? With easy to use, point-and-click integrations; that makes it easy for you to share information with line of-business applications and other external systems, simplifying your records management and improving the efficiency of the whole organization.

“Thanks to ImageSilo, we are able to provide 24/7 access to loan files. The goal is to have files uploaded and indexed within 24 hours of a loan closing, allowing participants to review files from virtually any location.”

– Ginger Heckman, Manager of Business Development, Community Business Lenders

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