Manage Remote Teams With Ease


Managing a remote workforce is the next big thing! Throughout 2020, many job positions as well as whole companies have made the transition to some amount of remote work. Was your company able to do the same? Why or why not?

In general, the crucial business processes and tools which helped us manage teams prior to the pandemic had to be reevaluated, updated or replaced in order to support the migration of employees from office to home office. While this process works for a great many industries, any who are unable to work remotely due to the specific requirements of their job suffered a disproportionate amount in comparison. This is an area in which intelligent solutions in managing remote employees makes all the difference.


To give a specific example, when you are responsible for processing inbound paper mail items like invoices, checks, forms or other documents, you will need to come to the office because that’s where inbound mail is delivered. What might surprise you to hear is, a very simple solution exists which would allow you to scan and capture remotely or even automate the task entirely.

If you are unfamiliar with the process, document digitization is where a physical document is scanned into a digital format: an image. When this process is applied to inbound mail, the resulting document images can be delivered electronically to any amount of employee email inboxes instantly for processing. Additionally, gain a full overview of all the steps involved in your approvals and use that information to manage your remote team more effectively.


However, why stop there? Scanning with special technology called Optical Character Recognition/OCR enabled allows the printed text on the mail to be extracted, indexed, and then used in automated workflows. Going this route means the information that formerly needed to be hand-keyed can be input instead through any number of faster and more automated methods which will cost much less than human labor.

The same is true of any process which depends on dealing with computer data. If you experience any frustration with manual processes involving data, reach out to American Micro or any business process automation provider and find out what more automated solutions might exist!

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