Our Promise

From Our Team to Yours

At American Micro we believe every employee has a responsibility to meet the service needs of our clients and to extend ourselves in all areas of customer service.

That’s why our team is trained to ensure that every customer is satisfied with all aspects of our work.  From the front desk to the warehouse to our executives, each team member wants your experience with American Micro to be exceptional.


  • Consistency in our performance.
  • Work completed on-schedule and with accuracy.
  • Courteous, professional communication in all aspects of our relationship.
  • A detailed breakdown of services and their costs.
  • Managing your costs as if they were our own.
  • Access to your records, at any time.
  • Security and protection of your records and assets.
  • Your right to question any aspect of our work or relationship.
  • Respect of you as an individual, respect of your business and business records, and respect of our own organization and employees.