Do you keep track of the amount of junk you receive in the mail—anything which originates from your mail carrier and terminates in your waste bin? The total volume of junk mail can increase over time exponentially. Solicitations arrive addressed to new hires just as quickly as the ink can dry and physical mailing lists never seem to drop any members…

The end result is always the same: large amounts of paper waste delivered directly to your inbox which you will then have to expend resources on sorting, routing, delivering and then destroying. Research has shown that each inbound mail item costs as much as $20 in labor and expenses during its trip from inbox to final recipient.

The solution? Digital Mailroom Outsourcing

Document management has evolved from a process 100% dependent on paper to the point where any businesses’ core processes can be run digitally…with the right skills and tools. Outsourcing a digital mailroom solution allows your organization to benefit from the skills, experience and training a dedicated electronic document management brings to the table while you are free to reallocate time spent on mail-related tasks to more critical functions.

In short, here is how a Digital Mailroom might work:

  • Your mail is arranged to be collected by the mailroom outsourcing provider.
    • Mail is either addressed directly to the organization, delivered by a carrier of your choice or picked up from a secure lock box.
  • As mail arrives, it is opened, sorted and indexed into categories of your choice.
  • The mail is then digitized by scanning and routed to the proper destination or workflow:
    • Route scanned mail to individual or group email inboxes to eliminate inter-department deliveries
    • Process payments, refunds or approvals by initiating a workflow with the data indexed from your mail, directly to your financial system
    • Update critical reports and documents with data from mailed items, etc
    • Have unwanted mail items destroyed instead of delivered

Digital Mailroom Services are a simple and cost-effective solution for companies with large mail volume and remote or lean staff. Imagine your employees having access to all of the items they need, wherever they have an internet connection.

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