Psigen Data Capture

Efficiency & Flexibility in Data Capture – PSIGEN Answers the Challenge.

For our customers seeking advanced capture products and solutions, American Micro is a proud partner of PSIGEN, which offers products that provide automation and efficiency to any scanning, capture and archival environment.

Psigen offers products & solutions for:

  • Scanning that works with variety of scanners, copiers and other hardware
  • Capture
  • Document management
  • Archive
  • Search & retrieval

PSIGEN products have been built to adapt and integrate into any type of environment, providing the utmost in flexibility, standardization and efficiency. PSIGEN offers the capability to migrate to just about any document management or enterprise content management system (SharePoint, Alchemy, DB, Folders, etc.). And that means businesses get a quick and simple deployment of an advanced solution. See how some of businesses have utilized PSIGEN applications to enhance their business, and their profitability.

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PSI:Capture provides the utmost in processing flexibility for document imaging workflow. Whether you are scanning to Microsoft SharePoint, or harvesting data from a form, the extensive set of features can provide you with a powerful capture tool.

PSI:Capture Document Imaging, Scanning and Capture Modules

PSI:Capture includes eight modules that allow for standard document imaging and workflow. These workflows can be built in any order, depending on the types of documents you typically scan and your required end result.

Optional PSI:Capture Modules

Some organizations need additional processing power and automation in their imaging workflow.

PDF/OCR: The PDF/OCR module provides for converting scanned documents to text and output to Adobe PDF format.

ADE: The Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) module allows the extraction of data from documents based on matching expressions.

Migrating your captured data to your system of choice:

PSIGEN builds and supports connectors for over 30 Document Management and Enterprise Content Management Systems. These connectors provide the ability to migrate your images and data to multiple locations, allowing for the standardization of file naming and repository structure.

Psigen works with these popular programs:

  • FileBound
  • EMC2
  • SharePoint
  • Oracle
  • ImageSilo

As well as formatted load files, such as:

  • Formatted XML file
  • Formatted ASCII text file

and many more, including migrations dependent on ASCII and xml data.

Automation = Efficiency with PSI:Capture

PSIGEN automates document scanning and capture through multiple features shown in the 13 second video below:

  • Separation of documents
  • Barcoding
  • Routing
  • Selection lists
  • Database lookups
  • Point & click indexing
  • OCR
  • and more

PSI:Capture for your organization

Choose the right version of PSI:Capture for your organization’s needs. Already have a multifunction printer? PSI:Capture for MFPs processes, separates, names and creates folder structure, then the documents can be migrated into your existing system.

Have a larger organization with many document sources, from paper to fax to individual workstation?PSI:Capture Enterprise captures documents from all these sources, then offers centralized management, configuration and storage flexible enough for deploying into multiple workflows.