5 Points Every Company Should Consider When Outsourcing Their Paper Scanning!

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Reputation, financial strength and longevity

A list of references should be provided by the company, preferably five or more of past and present clients. Naturally the names only of satisfied customers will be provided by the company, however, try to locate customers whose names were not supplied. What is the average tenure? Longevity will help answer this.

Quality Guaranteed

One of the most important factors to understand about a service company is whether it guarantees the quality of its work. The contract with the company should state specifically the scanning must be able to pass specific test to qualify for whatever life expectancy rating the customer needs.

Turnaround time and back up facilities

The companies ability to meet deadlines can be determined through a simple pilot test. Send a representative mix of good and poor-quality documents to each service bureau in consideration. How quickly can the company handle corrections? Does it have a backup plan in case of equipment breakdowns? Do they provide a reliable pickup and delivery service.

Tour the facilities

Touring the facilities can reveal how the company is run as a production operation and whether or not it has all the equipment it claims to have. The facility should be clean and orderly. It should be easy to see if the employees are working in an environment that is conductive to efficiency and if the client’s jobs are being handled with the care they deserve.

Privacy and integrity of data

Finding out how many people will be handling the material and if precautions are in place to ensure that discretion is proactive and enforced rigidly for the customer. Protective storage should be provided in the service bureau’s facilities. The user’s records must be protective from loss or damage while they are processed. After the records are recorded, the service company should have some means of adequately disposing of them if they are not to be returned to the customer. The service company should have a security and fire system and should also be bonded or insured against loss of records by theft, fire, etc.

Our mission out American Micro is not only to meet these expectations, but to exceed them for every customer whom puts their work in our hands. To get a quote Contact Us today!

The Only Paper They Really Need!

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Beginning in kindergarten all the way through their higher education, a student creates a trail of paperwork. The whole time, each document may need to be found any number of times, repeatedly being reentered into systems each time. Document management solutions allows easy searching and viewing with a few clicks of a mouse. Whether outsourced or scanned in your facility. Document management can simplify any workflow and reduce costs.


  • Searching by last, first name; DOB; social security numbers; or even graduation year are just a few ways to locate documents in an instant.
  • Digging through filing cabinets is time consuming and inconvenient. Being able to type in a few details and see records regarding certain classifications increases productivity.
  • Viewing can go the same direction with personnel files, viewing not only current employees, as well as terminated files .


  • Multiple levels of control secure your student and faculty’s information.
  • Access is customizable on an individualized level. No longer allowing records and documents to be seen by inappropriate eyes.
  • Disclosure tracking controls who views what, when as well as why.
  • Changing any forms, documents and records is only performed by approved faculty.

Disaster Management:

  • Fire, water damage, and theft are all recurring issues with record retention. Possessing only a single copy of any records can be problematic.
  • When retaining all documents in hard copies is required, having electronic backups offsite can decrease future complications.

Retention and Compliance:

  • Federal and State laws mandate documents be securely saved for any number of years, hence storage solutions can be difficult.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) are easily followed in addition to documents being easily located and retrieved with a few clicks of a mouse.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

  • The electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document.
  • Not only an amazing system for invoice processing, but can be used for documents such as schedules, registration papers, and yearly academic records.

Reduce Costs:

  • Not only will switching to an electronic solution simplify your faculties daily lives, but it saves something costlier, their time!

Each year means new students, teachers, maintenance staff, vendors, and more PAPER! Going the digital route means possibly outsourcing your document scanning while still maintaining compliance with record retention laws. Document management is not just a quick viewing option, but a way to keep documents secure and organized. Allowing permitted users to be more productive. Let us discuss more about our record retention options, document solutions and invoice processing today!


Why Compliance Matters in Electronic Document Management

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If you’re concerned about regulatory compliance when it comes to EDM you can leave your worries behind. Our clients tell us they feel more in control of their business processes, have better accountability and experience easier reporting for compliance requirements. In fact, EDM can significantly improve the way your business runs with process automation that leads to more accurate compliance.

Got Audits?

Inaccurate data capture can create an extraordinary delay in completing an audit.  Imagine a world where your staff no longer has to dig into files (hundreds of them) searching for that one missing piece of information!  Documents that have been digitized free your staff to easily search for the RIGHT information at the touch of a keyboard.  All the details are captured and correctly routed to the proper channels to mitigate risk and reduce unnecessary man hours.

It’s probably never happened to you, but in the case of a reported grievance or more serious allegation, your team will have easy access to important documents. Any necessary reports can be generated quickly.

Across departments and industries, document management software and mailroom scanning services with workflow automation help with compliance requirements and information governance, including, but not limited to, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, No Child Left Behind, FRCP, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and FERPA regulations.

You’re in Charge!
  • You choose who is authorized to access documents
  • You choose the safeguards that make sense for your business
  • You choose security levels
  • You choose who can do what with each document

The time is now to bring your business processes up to date!  The ability to follow a document from scan to storage, feel confident that all detail has been captured and know that it is easy to retrieve takes a load off your mind.

For a free demonstration or evaluation of your current systems, simply give us a call!

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Document Management, Scanning & Imaging Resources

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American Micro has been innovating document management and imaging since 1958. We’re happy to share our knowledge.

Case Studies and Whitepapers see how other businesses like yours are using document scanning and automation solutions to improve their business process and grow their bottom line.

One-on-One Video Conference – To learn more about specific products and services that American Micro uses to solve your paper management problems, contact us to schedule a free 45-60 minute webinar and learn more about your document imaging options.

Records Retention Schedule – How long should you save those documents? These guidelines will give you a foundation for effective document storage.

Business Process Improvement


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Systems That Can Save Your Company Time and Money

Have you ever looked at your General Ledger, P&L Statement or an audit and thought, “what the heck are we doing now that’s so different than a few years ago?”  We hear this a lot from executives as they scratch their heads wondering why their labor costs are up, profit is down or there are more errors in billing.

In many cases, we find that developing some automated functions to relieve employees from being stretched too thin (or allowing you to weed out those who are truly unproductive) makes a big difference in the bottom line.

Our initial strategy is to review processes that CAN be automated.

  • Could your invoices be scanned and automatically routed to the right department?
  • If several employees need to touch paperwork, would a cloud-based storage system help everyone retrieve the correct documents more quickly?
  • Would automated workflow with scanning increase accuracy of record keeping?

Sometimes the idea of technology to manage these critical business elements can be overwhelming.  You don’t need to worry about the HOW.  Right now, consider the WHY. The simple answer is…so you can see changes on all the reports that give you headaches.

For a free demonstration or evaluation of your current systems, give us a call!

Document Management


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Document Management System

How smart is your document management system? Smart enough to reduce costs? Smart enough to keep your customers happy? Smart enough to make sure you’ve met all compliance requirements?

Those questions can be difficult to answer if you have an older system or you haven’t quite gotten around to upgrading to the latest version.  The bottom line question…how competitive is your company if your document management system isn’t smart ENOUGH?

Imagine a world where your staff has access to documents that have been automatically separated, categorized, batched, and routed before the coffee finishes brewing in the morning.  Through the use of our systems, all these things are possible!

The advanced methodology utilized to collect data is mindboggling. We can leave all the “how” questions to the IT department and go straight to the “why” of intelligent document recognition.

First, when you’re answering to your board, shareholders, your auditors or lawyers and have to explain cost containment measures, you can clearly show data with fewer errors than manual processes deliver.  People who hold you, the organization leader, accountable for the numbers and compliance love speed and accuracy.

Second, most companies rely on referrals from satisfied customers for at least a portion of their growth and retention of employees to keep hiring costs down.  Both internal and external stakeholders have quicker access to more accurate information. When your staff can quickly pull relevant data and requested documents, customers are impressed with your company’s reliability.

Finally, mind numbing compliance issues.  Regulations seem to multiply daily requiring more secure processing and more accurate tracking for audits. Manual processes to demonstrate compliance are not only outdated, but no longer necessary when using an automated system as part of your overall document management solution.

For a free demonstration or evaluation of your current systems, simply give us a call!

AP Automation

AP Automation Reality

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Paper. It stacks up, doesn’t it? Then the workflow slows down. And all of a sudden the accounting process your company is depending on for stability isn’t working. ROI…down the drain.

The natural reaction in this case it to get the whole team “on it!” Approvals are missed, errors increase, and cash flow suffers.  Duplicate invoices from different departments are entered multiple times.  If this is a problem you encounter even occasionally, you may want to consider AP automation!

There’s a misconception that automating is an expensive process.  With today’s cloud-based storage, scanning invoices, electronic routing to be processed and easily pulling details to share with your ERP system delivers a high ROI and significant reduction in errors. Automated processing is a painless system of standardized steps that reduces delays, hard to find manual errors and minimizes manual exceptions.

Some of our clients prefer to do the scanning themselves.  Others prefer to have all their payments sent to a secure lockbox where we pick up and process every week day. Wouldn’t you love the option of more easily managing your cash flow because you can see day-to-day changes?

And did we mention ROI?

In a 2012 study by the Aberdeen Group, 130 enterprises were profiled to help differentiate the best-in-class AP processes from their competitors. According to the Aberdeen Group, there are 4 primary outcomes that AP automation should provide:

  • Increased savings through discount capture
  • Decreased risk of penalties
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Improved access speed


The Gartner Group estimates that a 5% reduction in operating

costs has the same impact as a 30% increase in sales.


This can all be a little unnerving if you’re accustomed to a manual system. For a free demonstration or evaluation of your current systems, simply give us a call!

Our Company

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about-our-companyAbout American Micro Company

By continually engaging with our customers and partners, we generate a rich compilation of new ideas, established standards and well vetted best practices. This collective knowledge drives our innovative approach to technology we create, how we create it, and how we bring it to you.

We’ve taken a different approach to our products and services than others in our industry. Based on years of analyzing and advancing how our customers work, we’ve designed specific solutions that shape to fit your processes and users for fast adoption.

We’ve focused heavily in making our software integrate the most intuitively and easily with customers’ existing ERP systems and other business applications. Perhaps most importantly, we are constantly searching for and finding new ways to improve upon today’s information-driven business processes—putting content in the exact context of your business processes.

We have a lot more to say about our innovative technology platform, products and solutions, so we invite you to explore it.

We are digital document management leaders. Leaders in document management since 1958. American Micro has been un-boxing businesses since 1958, with innovative technology and a commitment to service. Technology changes daily, yet we remain on the cutting edge of business automation and document management systems. We’ve come a long way since 1958 in our depth, knowledge and experience.

Today, American Micro leads the way in technology applications that help create a paperless environment. At American Micro our sole purpose is to help companies automate a business process.  There are many departments within a company that use our expertise to accomplish this. For example, we have found that Accounts Payable and Human Resources are still paper intensive.  We provide services such as Document Imaging, Image Hosting, E-Forms, Full – Text OCR and Conversion Services, to name a few, which aid in the workflow process and document life cycle.

Want to know more about us? Read about our history, vision and mission, and our staff.


AMC Customer Bill Of Rights

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Your Bill of Rights, Our American Micro Promise

At American Micro we believe every employee has a responsibility to meet the service needs of our clients and to extend ourselves in all areas of customer billofrightsservice. As our commitment to our customers, we offer this document clearly articulating what you can expect from us in communication, service and respect. The employees of American Micro proudly support our Customer Bill of Rights.


  • Work completed on-schedule and with accuracy.
  • Courteous, professional communication in all aspects of our relationship.
  • A detailed breakdown of services and their costs.
  • Managing your costs as if they were our own.
  • Access to your records, at any time.
  • Security and protection of your records and assets.
  • Your right to question any aspect of our work or relationship.
  • Respect of you as an individual, respect of your business and business records, and respect of our own organization and employees.


AMCIn meeting this commitment to our customers we encourage you to contact any American Micro employee regarding areas of concern. Our employees support our Customer Bill of Rights and will do whatever it takes to honor our service to you and your organization.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

At AMC, we’re passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility. We live and work in a world we need to care for, and we encourage all our employees to get involved wherever they can. It’s a quick, simple and pain-free way of donating a few pence to our nominated charity campaign.


AMC embraces diversity. We believe in creating an inclusive environment and it’s an essential part of our culture. We’re committed to implementing our togetherDiversity Policy and we expect all of our employees to treat each other equally, honestly and with respect. We want to nurture a culture where diverse perspectives can help drive our company forward around the globe.

We strive to provide a fair and supportive work environment for all our employees, regardless of their age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, or affiliation to any political party or trade union. We aim to employ people who reflect the diverse nature of society and we value each of our employees for the contribution they make, both individually, and as part of the AMC team.