Intelligent Automation

Adding Intelligent Automation to Your HR Department Improves Processes!

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What if you could reduce the amount of time your HR employees waste manually managing employee records by implementing one system? You can enhance records management by adding intelligent automation processes and increase the security of sensitive data while saving the entire organization money.
Intelligently Automate Processes.

Are you spending hours manually typing in employee information? Too often, HR employees spend more time managing paper then they do managing their people. You can easily implement RPA, AI, and IA solutions to automatically digitize, manage, route, and store all your records’ allowing your employees to get back to what really matters—the people they manage.

Comply with HIPAA Regulations.

Are your files protected in accordance with federal regulations? Under HIPAA, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be kept secure at all times. You can make sure your employee’s records are safely protected under multiple layers of security to ensure sensitive information is safe from prying eyes.

Ease Records Management.

Did you know all employee records have standard federal retention requirements? Trying to manually keep track of what documents need saving and what doesn’t is a time-consuming process. You can setup automatic retention periods to ensure employee records are not deleted early or held too long, saving the organization time.

Save Money by Moving to the Cloud.

How much money are you spending on managing employee records? Free yourself from hardware, software, and other IT related expenses by moving to the cloud. With ImageSilo, you can turn capital expenses into tax-deductible operating expenses saving the entire organization money.

Protect Sensitive Data.

Are your employees records safe if disaster struck? Paper files are vulnerable to theft, loss, and natural disasters. You can electronically protect your files ensuring you are always protected safely, allowing you to recover from any disaster quickly, no matter the cause.

Integrate Seamlessly.

Do you work with various line-of-business applications or other external systems? Manually managing employee records across various systems is a time-consuming, inefficient process. Digitech’s software comes with easy to use point-and-click integrations that make it easy to join various systems together to further enhance employee productivity.

“PaperVision Enterprise is fantastic! Now that our student and staff records have been converted to electronic format, we can ensure we are 100% in compliance with federal regulations and all our records are safe from theft, loss, and natural disaster.”

– Dr. Troy Whalen, Superintendent, Cook County School District #104

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How Are You Protecting Your Data?

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Has your organization been a victim of a data breach? According to Garrett Bekker, 46% of US companies have been affected by data breaches in 2017. All businesses, no matter the size, need to take measures to help prevent attacks and have a set plan ready to go in case one does occur. No company or individual can be 100% protected from cyber security threats.

The average total cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. -Ponemon Institute, 2018 

The average cost per lost or stolen record is $148. -Ponemon Institute, 2018

The rise of cyber attacks is pushing organizations to focus on implementing cyber security to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber emergency. Your organization can protect your data with cloud-based Enterprise Content Management services, such as ImageSilo®. Learn about the five levels of security ImageSilo has to offer to ensure your information is secure at all times by clicking the image below.

Here are the 5 Levels of Security offered by Imagesilo®

  1. Transmission Security.
    • Caching routines insure stored data is never exposed to the public network.
    • Encryption protects data both during transmission and while at rest.
    • Layers of encryption ensure secure network communication.
  1. Application Security.
    • Automatic session termination ends session when idle.
    • Access is restricted to data through user, function, project and document security settings.
    • Audit trails track security controls, user, function, project and document security settings.
  1. System Security.
    • All systems are monitored 24/7.
    • Firewalls are and managed constantly monitored.
    • Intrusion-detection technology monitors all system access.
  1. Data Security.
    • Strict password requirement guidelines, including complexity, expiration dates, and two-level authentication.
    • Entity, group, user, project, function and field-level security settings
    • Data segregation ensure no company or department can access another’s data.
  1. Physical Security.
    • All physical facilities are monitored live.
    • Redundant data centers store and mirror data for protection from major disaster.
    • Access is limited to personnel who have the proper clearance.

Protecting your data internally is not an option, with today’s technology and capabilities. Securing the information of your company, clients and personnel will not only give you peace of mind but could potentially save you money in the future.

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5 Ways CPA’s Can Benefit from Mobile Document Management.

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A boom in mobile enterprise applications is taking place and CPA firms stand to benefit. The global mobile workforce is expected to rise to 1.87 billion by 2022, according to the Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update 2016-2022 from Strategy Analytics, and with the right tools in hand, remote workers can boost productivity and build client loyalty. Arming your staff with mobile document management is less a technology issue and increasingly an important business strategy for forward-looking firms.

Here are 5 key benefits accounting firms can realize through the use of mobile document management:

1. Increase client loyalty.

Remote access to client files, tax returns and documents on the go allows accountants to respond rapidly to client requests. Clients work on the go, and routinely make requests via email or text at any hour.

Work the way they do, with your ability to respond to document requests outside of office hours. Leave the office on time and get a few tasks done on your commute. When meeting on-site with a client, pull up status reports, tax returns, or a PBC audit list on your tablet or phone — the client will be impressed with your digital prowess.

2. Increase worker productivity.

Employers incur an estimated $1.8 trillion in lost productivity each year due to employee absence. A staffer who needs to be home to meet a repairman, has a mild illness or a child-care issue would otherwise lose a day of work. The ability to access client information and files from a mobile device allows that employee to be productive.

Full remote access to a document management system via browser or in the cloud is ideal for longer hours of remote work. But in a pinch, a mobile app integrated directly with the firm’s document management system allows accountants to monitor due dates, route or reroute work and oversee staff workloads.

A mobile device can also serve as a scanner for short documents where you are outside of the office, say with a bookkeeper at a client’s office. To gather, review and store new documents, simply take a picture of the document or receipt with the camera on a smartphone or tablet and upload it to the document share.

Once you take a close-up photo of the paper you want to scan, the app creates a file that you can add to a folder of client documents and share with the client in the firm’s portal site.

3. Secure sensitive client documents.

Tax and financial documents contain highly sensitive PII (personally identifiable information) such as name, address, Social Security numbers, and financial account numbers, which in the wrong hands could leave your firm or client organizations vulnerable to identity theft or financial fraud.

Though secure digital alternatives are available, many organizations still rely on the exchange of paper documents, faxing, or email attachments to exchange these sensitive documents.  Digital management of client documents in a secure repository, accessible via a secure mobile app and shared via secure online transmission, are protected from loss or breach more effectively than paper files or email attachments.

4. Reduce non-billable hours.

A document management system, by design, organizes all client projects, files and documents and makes them easy to search, retrieve and share. Whether used in the office or on a mobile app, a document management system reduces hours spent searching for files, emailing colleagues with questions, thereby freeing accountants’ time to focus on consulting and other billable activity. Decisions and action can move forward efficiently when the information is available on a mobile device.

5. Attract and retain talent.

Demand for accountants is growing and attracting highly qualified candidates is difficult. Firms with modern tools and technology, including mobile apps, are more attractive to new talent, particularly new graduates who were raised using mobile devices.

According to a survey by AfterCollege, nearly 70 percent of millennial job seekers said that an option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest in a prospective employer.


Forward-thinking accounting firms are choosing mobile document management to handle client work while in transit, while visiting clients, while on vacation. Mobile document-management apps are easy to implement and inexpensive — a low-risk way to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Is Your Data Safe From A Cyber Emergency?

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Did you know that 25% or one in every four businesses never reopen following a major disaster? In 2018, Nationwide reported that 68% of small business owners surveyed said they did not have a cyber emergency plan and 49% said it would take at least three months to recover if something were to happen.

What if there was a simple and effective way to prevent a cyber emergency? By leveraging the latest advancements in technology, organizations of all sizes are looking to replace insecure and inefficient security systems to prevent potential cyber emergencies. Before you can prevent a cyber emergency though, you must first understand what they are.

What Constitutes a Cyber Emergency?

A cyber emergency is the loss or compromise of company information or systems, typically through third-party intrusion, employee sabotage, or by accident.

How can Digitech Systems help? Let’s take a look at the different types of cyber emergencies and the technology that can be used to securely protect your organization’s data.

Security Breach.

A security breach is any incident that results in unauthorized access of data, applications, services, networks, or devices by bypassing their underlying security settings. According to Blackhat, there were 698 major data breaches in the US as of May 2017, representing more than 10 million compromised records. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems such as PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo® offer advanced audit trails that give you the ability to know when and by whom documents were accessed, helping you identify the source of a breach.

Natural Disaster.

A natural disaster is a natural event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes damage to systems and data loss. Securely protecting your documents in the cloud with ImageSilo will give you the peace of mind knowing your data is safe from any kind of natural disaster. As a cloud service, ImageSilo keeps information out of harm’s way during a local disaster.


Theft is the action of intentionally taking information without permission. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber-crime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. PaperVision® Capture offers data encryption, while PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo offer document security settings that ensure sensitive information does not wander off or get into the hands of the wrong individuals. In addition, all systems encrypt information both at rest and during transmission.


When was the last time you couldn’t find that important document or piece of data you needed? Loss of data happens to organizations daily. A 2018 Shred-it study found that 47% of business leaders said human error such as accidental loss of a device or document by an employee had caused a cyber emergency for their organization. PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo offer audit trails that allow you to track and monitor the location of documents at all times, and security settings prevent unauthorized access to sensitive records. Built in ‘non-repudiation’ ensures that documents are not replaced with altered versions in an attempt to hide theft and fraud.

Unplanned Downtime.

Unplanned downtown occurs whenever a server or system goes down unexpectedly. Statista says it can cost almost $400,000 for every hour a server is down. That is over $6,000 a minute! ImageSilo offers a 99.9% up time guarantee to ensure you do not lose money because of an unexpected server or power outage.

Human Error.

Human error in the workplace can occur in a variety of ways from entering data wrong to leaving paper documents with sensitive information out for wandering eyes to see. PaperVision® Forms Magic technology utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to eliminate errors caused by manual data entry to ensure data accuracy. ImageSilo and PaperVision Enterprise enforce records management rules to ensure that only documents approved for destruction are removed from the system and only after approvals with appropriate audit trails.

How Can You Prepare for a Cyber Disaster?

Data security is no longer a luxury; it is a priority for organizations of all sizes. Every employee who logs on to the internet potentially exposes the organization to threats. Organizations report thousands of attacks monthly, varying from minor to extremely serious, and many business owners still do not have a plan to recover. Even though so many organizations are not prepared for a cyber-emergency, cyber security has now become a top priority. Do not be intimidated when thinking about upgrading your security systems! Thanks to advances in technology, protecting your organization is easier than ever before.

How Does the Cloud Help?

  • Worldwide information security spending is forecasted to exceed $124 billion in 2019.
  • 91% of IT departments using cloud as part of their cyber emergency solution feel confident in their security strategy.7
  • 54% agree that reliability is the most important factor in a cyber security solution.

Do not fall behind your competitors and risk losing your important data. In today’s complex digital world, you never know if or when your organization will experience a cyber-emergency. The best thing your organization can do to protect themselves from a cyber-emergency is ensure you take preventive measures to securely protect your data from potential threats.

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Converting Paper Records

Converting Paper Records Into Electronic Files.

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PaperFlow includes the best of both traditional elements and the most cutting-edge features to speed and simplify the process of converting paper records into electronic files. Trusted by professional scanning companies around the world who handle billions of pages of paper each week, PaperFlow brings commercial grade capture to businesses of any size.

Benefits of PaperFlow:

  • Work with virtually any scanner you have on hand to create crystal clear electronic images of all of your paper files and documents to clear out messy file rooms, to better protect information from disaster, and to save money on document management.
  • Get started converting paper records immediately, because the PaperFlow Job Setup Wizard uses only five screens, and the product works on a single workstation and doesn’t require a database.
  • Create index information, the terms that will be used to search for a document, without typing a single character using Quick Click – a unique feature that allows users to click on the term they need in the document image to populate the index field.
  • Traditional options such as the ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes and zonal OCR further simplify indexing. In fact, PaperFlow includes batch match and merge, which allows users to match an index value with a data source and merge it with existing data for a single document or across an entire batch.
  • Utilize full-text Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify the textual information contained in the document, enabling you to search for and find any information you might need within seconds.
  • PaperFlow is infinitely customizable, because   users can create any process they need by writing custom code or by leveraging the dozens of included custom code samples.
  • Access the same speed, reliability and scanning power that professional scanning companies rely on to run their businesses.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. When multiplied across every employee in an office, paper files quickly become overwhelming. PaperFlow enables businesses to eliminate paper files and replace them with better business efficiency, more information   control, and money savings. After converting paper records, PaperFlow empowers users to improve image clarity, to enter index information to identify documents, and to prepare the file for export to an Content Management application, like PaperVision® Enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint or the cloud service, ImageSilo®.

PaperFlow is tailored to not only serve the complex and sophisticated needs of service bureaus, but also to help individual enterprises get control of their unruly paper-based filing systems.

“Scanning paper archives can be expensive and   overwhelming for many businesses, yet they need secure access to the information contained in those files. PaperFlow is an intuitive, easy-to-use product that simplifies the process of scanning records and makes it point-and-click easy to organize them for retrieval.”

-Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Nucleus Research

HK Bain, CEO of Digitech Systems said, “Paper is a problem for most businesses because it is vulnerable to theft, disorder, and disaster. PaperFlow will simplify the process of managing information thereby bringing better efficiency, more control, and money savings to organizations. Now every business can tap into the reliability and consistent quality that professional scanning bureaus have made the backbone of their businesses for decades.”

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Data Storage

10 Benefits of BPO for Your Company!

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How can PSIcapture improve service bureau processes?

Document Capture Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations and service bureaus have a unique set of needs when it comes to advanced capture software. As these companies often serve a wide range of clients in various industries, they require a level of versatility and scalability that can be difficult to find with most capture programs.

Here are 10 PSIcapture feature benefits for document capture BPO companies and service bureaus:

  1. Scalable framework: PSIGEN developed PSIcapture and its 40,000+ feature set to be fully customizable and scalable. This allows BPO companies to effectively scale their capture solution as they continue to change and grow.
  2. Seamless capture solution from start to finish: When you choose PSIcapture, you’re choosing a one-stop solution for all your document capture and indexing needs. From ingesting images from folders, locally attached scanners, or fax servers, to processing documents and finally migrating the images and data to any of our over 50 ECM systems, the entire process stays within the PSIGEN ecosystem.
  3. Device-agnostic image import capabilities: Whether you need PSIcapture to monitor a hot folder to auto-import documents, scan documents in from a high volume direct connect scanner, network scanner or multi-function device, or import documents from a wide format or microfilm/microfiche scanner, PSIcapture has a way to get your documents imported for capture.
  4. Integration capabilities with more than 60 ECM systems: When you run a large service bureau, chances are you have differing output needs for your various clients. PSIGEN had this need in mind when we built our advanced capture product, and we are continually adding new integrations to our repertoire. One of those 60+ ECM systems is Microsoft SharePoint – hundreds of thousands of companies around the world use SharePoint. How many of your clients or prospects have that platform?
  5. Unlimited licensing: The ability to capture as many images as you need to in a given year is crucial for BPO companies that take on multiple large projects each year.
  6. Non-recurring volume counts: If your company doesn’t have the need for an unlimited license, you can purchase these reserve banks of images if you take on a large project or to ensure you can continue to capture images if you exceed your license.
  7. PSIcapture unlimited workstation: Companies can use this workstation license to perform all the advanced processing tasks needed, with the exception of batch creation. This license is ideal for service bureaus with employees dedicated to performing document processing after the documents have been captured.
  8. PSIcapture scan only workstation: Built for unlimited scan environments, this workstation license can be used in conjunction with a high-speed scanner or to auto-import images to be processed.
  9. Efficient Quality Assurance features: BPO organizations and service bureaus can’t afford to compromise when it comes to quality assurance. PSIcapture’s QA feature set provides dual views so you can get a simple view of indexed data or a view that includes batch and folder structure. Users can also attach notes, tag items to be reviewed or deleted, and rotate and crop images. Other PSIcapture QA features include bates stamping, redaction and sorting/combining documents.
  10. Full-blown document automation: PSIcapture’s automation technology takes the pain out of document processing. With features like Classification and Advanced Data Extraction, you can create a document workflow that eliminates or greatly reduces the need to perform manual tasks.

Unlike some document capture companies that have added some features to meet some needs of BPO companies, PSIcapture was built with the BPO/service bureau industry in mind. From the very beginning, PSIGEN has worked closely with service bureaus to build the features they need to help them thrive. As many of PSIcapture’s features were being created and developed, BPO organizations were some of the key partners testing them and providing feedback. PSIGEN’s origination in the service bureau industry is what makes it the optimal choice for advanced capture in this space.

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How Would Your Organization Improve if you Could Reduce Operational Expenses?

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The lending industry is a fast-growing and competitive landscape still trying to recover from the 2008 economic meltdown. As a result, many non-bank institutions have joined the lending game. These marketplace lenders are looking for technology solutions to help them reduce operational expenses while improving their competitive edge over traditional lending institutions. Your organization can streamline loan processing thanks to the world’s most-trusted cloud solution that can reduce operational expenses almost instantly.

“A major shift is taking place in how enterprises select their financial management applications. By 2020, 36% of enterprises will use the cloud to support more than half of their transactional systems of record.”

– Gartner, 2017

Intelligently Automate Processes

Are you tired of spending hours looking for missing loan application files? You can easily implement RPA, AI, and IA solutions to automatically digitize, manage, route, and store all your loan documents to improve productivity—increasing the efficiency of the entire organization with just one system.

Comply with Security Regulations

Are your files protected in accordance with federal regulations? Under HMDA and SOX, organizations that process loans are required to disclose how data is protected, shared, secured, and reported. Document tracking is automatically applied making audits a breeze and saving you valuable time and money.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Are you still manually processing loan applications? Eliminate time-wasting manual data entry and improve the accuracy of your data by leveraging our patented AI engine to intelligently automate your documents. PaperVision® Forms Magic will classify and extract key information from virtually any document, ensuring your data is accurate—allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Save Money by Moving to the Cloud

How much money are you spending on managing your information? Free yourself from hardware, software, and other IT related expenses by moving to the cloud. With ImageSilo, you can turn capital expenses into tax-deductible operating expenses. Plus, the system offers unlimited data storage and automatically adapts as your organization grows.

Enjoy Easy Setup

Need a system that is easy to setup and manage? With ImageSilo you can get up and running in a matter of days, not weeks. Access your information from any location, on virtually any device. Move to the cloud, improve productivity, and save the entire organization time and money.

Integrate Seamlessly

Do you work with multiple systems? With easy to use, point-and-click integrations; that makes it easy for you to share information with line of-business applications and other external systems, simplifying your records management and improving the efficiency of the whole organization.

“Thanks to ImageSilo, we are able to provide 24/7 access to loan files. The goal is to have files uploaded and indexed within 24 hours of a loan closing, allowing participants to review files from virtually any location.”

– Ginger Heckman, Manager of Business Development, Community Business Lenders

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When Is the Right Time to Scan My Microfilm?

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Has your company had a portion of its microfilm backlog scanned and chose to leave the rest on film? Why? Was it the cost of conversion services? Was it because the film not converted to digital was considered not to be active enough to justify the cost? Or was the time frame to convert all of your film too long?

3 Signs it is Time to take the Plunge! Scan Your Film!


Well here is news that might make you want to reconsider conversion services! Until a few years ago it typically took up to 15 minutes to scan a single roll of 16mm film. With enough film it could take year to convert all of the film. In many cases, labor costs alone were enough to justify not completing such an ambitious project. Scanning was always a job a company had to take on themselves. Buying scanners, training and then doing the conversion itself. Most times not being worth the money. “Go buy a NEW reader printer!” Not only can you now scan 4 rolls in the same time it used to take to scan 1, but now you have the option to outsource your scanning! The weight is lifted off of your shoulders.


With outsourcing being a viable option, there is no need to keep going back to that outdated reader printer! No more spending more time out of your day searching a roll of film with upwards of 6,200 images to find a single document. Better yet, outsourcing the film to our company and getting it back in the same shape you sent it! No worries about lost records, and you gain digital versions of those same records! When you decide to use conversion services you have the ability to search through PDFs and find a document in a matter of minutes instead of hours! What more can you ask for??


By the way, if you have film it leads one to believe that you have a reader printer? How much are you paying to keep up with the maintenance on your microfilm reader? New bulbs and parts to keep it running? Why not INVEST the money you are spending to keep up with the reader on conversion services? Instead of spending hundreds on ink and other piddly items that are needed to keep it running you could be using towards going digital, which you already read can save you labor costs in terms of time wasted using the same reader printer that costs you MORE money to maintain.

From all sides you can see that going digital may be a leap that seems daunting, but can also be beneficial to the growth and success of your business and group! There are so many options out there! No two scanning jobs are the same! Each case is individual and we are ready to get you started!

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Use Document Management to Master These 5 Workplace Trends.

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The workplace is changing—there’s no denying that. Major technological advances, changing cultural norms and a new generation of workers are all contributing to the disruption of the workplace as we know it. While change can certainly be a good thing, it also requires that companies be ready and willing to update their policies and procedures to suit the new environment. Document management can play a major role in helping companies prepare for the workplace of the future. By streamlining workflows and providing instant access to information when and where your employees need it, you can begin transitioning to the 21st century office.

Here are 5 trends for the workplace of the future that document management can help you tackle:

  1. Remote work.The remote workforce is growing—3.7 million employees currently work from home at least half the time, and that number will likely increase over the coming years. Technology has provided companies with the flexibility to allow employees to work remotely. The only way to make sure your remote staff has access to the information they need is to have an effective document management solution in place. With PSIcapture’s advanced document capture tools, you can automate your workflow processes to make information easily available to your employees when and where they need it.
  2. Demand for transparency.Transparency in the workplace is quickly rising to the top of employee concerns. Transparency drives trust helps build tight workplace relationships and creates an environment where everyone is aligned and focused on the big picture. Document management helps facilitate transparency because it allows employees to see the big picture. Instead of everyone’s work being saved on individual desktops or network folders, documents and data can be stored in a digital repository where authorized members of the team can access them. With document management, staff is able to see what is going on throughout the company, providing them with a greater sense of purpose and responsibility for the success of the organization.
  3. Culture of collaboration.The new generation of workers tends to highly value collaboration in the workplace. They don’t like silos and they believe work is best accomplished when there is an opportunity to openly collaborate with others in the company. But collaboration is difficult if company information is not kept in a central location accessible to everyone who needs it. By implementing a document management workflow, your company will be ahead of the curve when it comes to providing immediate access to information and facilitating collaboration between employees.
  4. Instantaneous information.As we discussed in our blog post Speed Matters, having quick access to information is no longer just a good idea—it’s a necessity. Customers expect to be served quickly, and long wait times due to inefficient processes, like finding paperwork in physical file cabinets, could cost your business. With document management, your employees will have access to the information they need right away, allowing them to provide the exceptional service customers have come to expect.
  5. Environmental consciousness.Younger generations are concerned about environmental sustainability—significantly more so than their more seasoned counterparts. Studies have also shown that employees who work at green companies are actually more productive than other workers. Document management is a great way to cut back on unnecessary paper processes, including excessive printing, copying and storing of paper. Not only does your office become more efficient, but you also show a commitment to reducing paper consumption and creating a greener workplace.

Is it time to get your company ready for the workplace of the future?

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What Law Firms Love About Automation!

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Advanced capture is an essential tool for the legal industry

If you work in a law firm or legal department, you know there’s no shortage of documents accompanying each and every case you take on. If your company is overwhelmed with physical files and you’re tired of dealing with inefficient paper processes, advanced capture is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

PSIcapture provides several advantages for law firms and legal departments. One obvious benefit is the reduction of physical documents and files that need to be stored and managed. PSIcapture can help eliminate the cost of document storage, so you can free up office space and stop paying costly offsite storage fees. But that’s just the beginning of the true benefits of PSIcapture for the legal industry. Other advantages include:

  • Confidential data is kept secure and compliance with regulatory agencies is maintained.
  • Converting files to searchable PDFs makes finding documents a breeze.
  • Integration with your existing infrastructure allows for a painless transition to paper-free processes.
  • Automatic classification and indexing speeds up document processing.

Here are 3 PSIcapture features your law firm will love:

  1. Document redaction: Legal documents often contain sensitive client information that needs to be protected. If you work in the legal industry, you are likely well acquainted with redaction. PSIcapture’s auto redaction feature makes the task of redacting information a breeze. PSIcapture’s advanced pattern matching technology can quickly parse documents for the data and automatically redact it, drastically reducing the time it takes to process documents.
  2. Integration with Case Management Systems: If your tech-savvy firm already employs a case management system or document management system, you don’t have to worry about moving those documents when you implement PSIcapture. Our advanced capture software integrates with more than 60 different systems, including several commonly used case management systems, like Concordance and Worldox.
  3. Automated Bates stamping: Stop wasting time with manual Bates stamping! In addition to taking up valuable time, the process is vulnerable to human error, which can lead to more setbacks. PSIcapture can perform automatic Bates stamping, providing an easy and accurate way to organize multi-page documents.

Take control of your paper problem with advanced capture!

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