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The last year has been a challenging time for the education system. Much praise has been given for the key role teachers have played; however, less applause than is deserved has been directed to the school administrators and essential administrative staff who have been working nonstop to make sure those teachers have what they need!

Remote learning resources created in response to social distancing initiatives have given educators a whole universe of new tools with which to teach. Many are finding great success with these new methods in the classroom, but the challenges of the pandemic haven’t been limited to just the classroom.

Take a moment and explore some examples of implementations we have created for school districts in the past—

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Educational Records

Every established organization will have some number of documents which they need to keep track of, and school districts are no slouch in that department.

Paper records are expensive to store, expensive to retrieve data from in labor costs and unreliable in terms of durability and resistance to disaster like fire, flood or similar. By digitizing your documents and records you not only will see significant savings in storage and retrieval, but will also gain the valuable ability to access your documents from anywhere, anytime!

Either choose to have your scanning needs managed at our Kansas City facilities or instead opt to have American Micro provide scanners and training so you can handle your own digital document management!

In short, if you have a large amount of records or documents which have no backup copy, please give us a call today to discuss secure storage options! You never know when the next natural disaster or pandemic could make that call the most valuable you make all year!

Document Management

Despite how far business tech has come in recent years, paper documents and the data within are still the lifeblood of most organizations’ core efforts and schools are no different. Converting this data into a computer-readable format gives you a vital digital backup for your important documents and in addition, allows you to enjoy the full benefits of a digital document management system.

Every district relies on shared information in order to keep things moving forward. If you are spending time copying data from one system to another, you are wasting time AND money! Contact American micro and learn how a document management system can give you freedom from data entry and lengthy record retrievals!

Automatic Accounts Payable

Paper invoices can become costly and problematic quickly with issues ranging from simple entry errors to serious mishandling of sensitive information.  By automating the process of scanning paper invoices, you will optimize your business’s time and labor expenses while also gaining instant access to the financial data you need.

Starting your Accounts Payable automation solution is a simple as beginning to scan your incoming invoices into a database, but in order to fully automate you will need to take advantage of scanners with Optical Character Recognition/OCR technology in order to extract the data within—our powerful workflow software will take it from there.

Contact American Micro today to find out how you can refocus your administrative efforts once your AP processes are fully automated!

Database Updates

Keeping your database up-to-date is absolutely vital to smooth operation, but manual data entry is only as dependable as the amount of coffee you have left in the break room. Database automation utilizing eForms, OCR technology and scanning devices will replace inefficient data entry with quick and reliable workflows.

Data enters your district in an uncountable number of ways and keeping track of it can be tough. Let American Micro bring our 63 years of document management experience to bear on your database challenges and find out your solutions today!

Digitize Inbound Mail

Inbound mail processing costs can exceed $20 per piece before arriving at their final destination. Most of these costs are hidden within other line items like document storage, data entry, filing, record retrieval and labor. Digitization of paper mail allows an organization to eliminate much of the aforementioned costs by allowing the important information to be automatically extracted from invoices, checks, billing statements, etc. The data within can be sent directly to a financial system, database or any key contacts in your organization for instant processing.

Many also choose to take advantage of our 63 years’ experience in document management by forwarding their inbound mail directly to American Micro for digitization and distribution.  Our team of highly-skilled Project Managers and Data Extraction Experts are able to quickly and efficiently retrieve key information from inbound mail, allowing you to refocus your employee efforts on tasks which are revenue-generating while also reducing overhead.

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